Can a surfer create the wave he needs to ride? Expecting him to do that is simply ridiculous! So why is it that most people expect the same of themselves when it comes to personal success? You are meant to ride, not push.

The perfect events, circumstances and lifestyle are not for you to create using your personal power. Rather its for you to co-create with your Soul. Your Soul Stream is like the wave the surfer rides to the shore. Your efforts are meant to be the same as the dude on the board. In those proportions.

It simply does not make sense to push, struggle and strive when all that is needed is to work with the gigantic flow of your Soul. It’s not about NO work. It’s about RIGHT work.

We know its ‘right work’ when it is a spontaneous urge, not contrived pushing. At its base it feels good and easy and desirable. When we have these good feelings about our tasks, actions and activities it is a clear sign that our Soul is behind them – and the exciting bit is that so it the wave!

But since pushing, stressing and trying are the default, the task of a brilliant deliberate manifester is to re-train themselves to be highly sensitive to intuition and the sensations of the body-mind. That’s where the right action flows from. The push-push of todays living comes from being controlled by the thoughts, ideas and churn of the mind.

So today make the choice. Stop Pushing. Start Riding

Image Oliver Sjöström

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