One of the most important personal discoveries I have made, one that has transformed my understanding of how success and happiness come about, is the role of feelings. Life is good when you’re inspired and achieving the things you desire, not so? But what about those moments when sneaky feelings of failure or doubt come in to steal away your can-do attitude? Those unwelcome moods of gloom?

Ignoring them doesn’t make them disappear unfortunately. You can block the messages of the body from your awareness, but you can’t delete their existence.  In fact sneaky feelings of gloom can do more than change your mood. They can sabotage your success. Sometimes they raise their little heads before you’ve even set out in the direction of your goals!

If you, for example, have battled with weight problems your whole life, chances are that somewhere a niggly feeling of doubt will pop up the minute you set a new weight goal. I know for myself I try to ignore these niggles, but niggly feelings have more power than we think. Niggly feelings that countermand our goals, even subtly, change our vibe and our response to life. But most important is that these niggles (and also strong charged feelings)  are messages telling us that a part does not believe that we can achieve what we are setting out to do. In other words something somewhere needs adjustment in order to succeed.

A niggly feeling is the same as the oil light in our car. It’s an important bit of information, one that helps us keep the engine in running order. And when the oil light comes on we immediately stop driving and investigate, don’t we? We’d never go to the garage and instruct the mechanic ‘turn off that pesky oil light. Cut the cable!’ In the same way it’s crazy to ignore an inner niggle about your life.

When we notice and incorporate what we feel into our life plans it really empowers us. But how do we do that? First thing is to entertain the idea that feelings are your friend! All feeling are your friend.  This can be easier said than done.   And though you probably don’t buy into the notion now, stay with it nonetheless. To create your best life requires you to create the best, most fabulous relationship between YOU and your FEELINGS.

A great way to do this is to tap the top of your head with your fingers and say out loud ‘feelings are my friend.’ Before you go to sleep look at yourself in the mirror for one minute, in the eyes, whilst tapping your head as described and say the phrase ‘feelings are my friend’.  Repeat this as often as you can.  Using body based exercises this way activates the overlighting field of intelligence of your body-mind – and starts to create a tipping point for change.

Changing your relationship to your feelings is the start to changing your life for the better. So use the tapping tool!

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