Most people are out there every day chasing goals. But I have discovered that using mind power just isn’t enough to achieve goals.


Your heart is your manifesting organ and managing the energies there is as important as your life plan and to do list. Actually more important. When your heart is open and loving your goals, music is playing in the spheres – and the law of attraction is alive and well in your life.

Your heart is like one of those daisies which opens when the sun is out and closes when it is not. The sun that opens your heart is safety, gratitude and love.


Once I decided to track the opening and closing of my heart around money. It was astounding. When I stuck to my budget it was open as I paid at the checkout. That was good. (Dealing with money in a heart-open-space attracts more.) When I overspent it snapped shut. Oops. That made me think! When I worried about money. Guess what? Shut! When I was paid a fair exchange for my coaching it was open. When I was not it snapped shut. Open-Close-Open-Close.

My heart , I discovered, was like a sun-sensitive flower on steroids – and that was only around money! What about all the other daily moments? Like when I thought of the goals that I had not achieved for years ? Or someone upset me? Wow! The energies of my heart were far from streaming continuous messages of gratitude and love into the universe!

So what do I advise?

ADD A HEART GOAL TO YOUR LIST. State it like this:
‘To be aware of the opening & closing of my heart energies’

MEMORISE THIS LAW OF THE UNIVERSE. The great beats that drive blood through your veins are also the great pulses of radiant energy that spiral out into the creative sea of life, calling forth that which is in your highest and best. This creative dynamic sea, which scientists now know is a real pulsating field of alive and intelligent energy, is infinitely responsive to your heart-based pulses.

So do yourself a favour, on the hour every hour stop to notice just how open (or closed) your heart is. And if it is closed, find a safe space, identify some things for which you are immensely grateful, close your eyes and let the love flow. If your heart was open, acknowledge that right there and then you are being a brilliant deliberate manifester! Roll on success!

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