Having trouble deciding what to do?  Even simple decisions can create a lot of emotional churn [bad for manifestation].  The more complex your personality the more likely there will be churn as you consider your situation. The more you want to a  perfect decision, the harder it is to get there!


But the process of making the right decision can, if done in a certain way, be an incredibly cleansing and connecting process that leaves you feeling light and closer to yoursel. This is how I go about it:


  1. Do EFT (emotional freedom technique) to clearly identify just exactly what feelings are swimming though you.  It is these complex and often conflicting feelings that create the inner challenge, but they are an important source of information and need to honoured and processed so that you can realise their gift.
  2. Write a letter to the person or situation with the  decision you think  best, but don’t send it. Just the process of writing  helps bring you closer to the right solution.
  3. Take time out – a shower, a walk, a yoga class – even a day. This creates space for new ideas on the matter [now firmly active in your subconscious] to pop into your consciousness.  Invariably the right solution pops up after this.  If not, keep repeating these steps.
  4. Move forward only when you have a full YES – a light and happy feeling, both mentally and emotionally.  If you feel under pressure to decide, the decision is still being baked, so allow yourself to take the time you need.


Remember that if you are in sacrifice (being forced to do something that in truth you really don’t want to do) everyone will suffer, yes everyone, even if you can’t imagine this to be true!  Rather focus on the idea that if it works for you, it will work for others.  We are socially conditioned to the opposite, but if you are doing things that violate yourself, and that corrupt energy infects all involved.  You are not on the planet to fix everyone else’s lives.  You are here to be who you are at the highest level of possibility.  Full stop.  As you do that, you give everyone else permission to do the same!  And that’s when the magic begins.


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