Kobus Burger on The Art & Practice of Deliberate Manifestation:

“Thanks for the most inspiring and enlightening workshop. I was blasted out of my rut and I am sure my manifestation mojo in terms of career and money is back on track. I adore your body centred approach. It gave me confidence to take my work back into the world.”

Deshnee on Ride The River Workshop:

”I felt a really deep shift inside of me , this has been felt on a physical level as well.  I have a sense of knowing that all is well in the world. No worry or fear of things to come…yet completely grounded and aware at the same time. This has been the most altering workshop/healing process  that I have ever been a part of and I will recommend to anyone that is a ready for such a powerful experience. I feel so blessed and grateful to have  the opportunity to have met you and received the spiritual gifts that you have delivered!”

J Browning:

“I thought your course was wonderful and I particularly like the active aspects. It gave me courage to do things I would not have done before.”

M. Oldaker:

“Cat Glennie is down to earth, warm and supportive. Her workshop drew together different sources to provide a coherent approach to feeling powerful to be able to step in one’s own light. What I learned has remained with me 18 months later.”  


“I have been trying to follow many manifestation principles for years and have never come across one so profound, helpful and powerful. I attended your Art of Deliberate Manifestation on 20 November 2010. I went to the workshop quite troubled about my debt but believed that it was more important to accept my path and then the doors will open and my debt problems will be solved. I wanted to be debt free with these main issues : 1. save my car from repossession and find money to get out of a lease – and manifest money to pay my bills after a very slow November All three issues manifested in amazing ways after the workshop . What has happened over the last two weeks is nothing short of a miracle!!  Thank you thank you for igniting this flame and the workshop that has been a true catalyst.  It feels good to ride this river!!!”


“We were talking at the tea break during the seminar – and everyone was saying they couldn’t believe that Cat only charges R100 for it. It was a session of such worth that people would be willing to pay much much more.”


“Since the workshop I feel like I’m watching my life unfold right before my eyes. I feel like I have everything I need already. I feel like everybody is doing what I always wanted and this is happening without me being too instrumental in making things happen.”

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