So many people waste their power and lose life energy in trying to avoid conflict.  In truth most people are deeply extremely afraid of conflict. However conflict, properly understood, is simply a call to greater intimacy (not sexual of course, but a real and sacred connectedness).  Spiritual practise involves meditation and the like, but spiritual practise is also involves holding yourself in an inner space to face conflict in an open-hearted way. Thomas Hubl, spiritual teacher par excellence frames it this way …’If I am in difficult conflict situations ready to let the unpleasant really be uncomfortable, not to displace it, then I can anchor myself so strongly in the unpleasantness that I hold the space open to really get access to the essential core of the conflict. Then the essence of the conflict will speak through me. This is the moment where transformation happens.’

(Thomas Hübl in a talk with Tom Steininger from EnlightenNext Radio about Transparent Communication)


Here’s another magnificent quote from one of my most favourite books, the Aquarian Gospel. Hope it inspires you too:

‘I would not stay the flow of your great streams of thought; but I would turn them to the channel of the soul.’   

What I love about it is that it refers to the openness  and expansiveness that is characteristic of alignment with your Soul.

At the moment I am finding myself extremely challenged at a level of personal safety and quickly I go  into constricted mode, blocking my flow of energies of life and success. So I’m doing lots of meditation to help myself keep expansive. I have a brilliant toning done by Thomas Hubel, a spiritual teacher based in Germany, which really clears away much of emotional garbage. I’ll post his web details soon.

An Anchor in the midst of Chaos

These are my favourite thoughts this week. I have written them, spoken them and contemplated them. In fact I have tried to draw them into me, deeply, making them part of my very cellular make up. Hope you get as much mileage from them as I do!

‘I follow my feet, and tune into right action’

‘Right action comes from the flow of life’  Thomas Hubel

‘I awaken the God within me – infinite intelligence, power and love.’

‘Life is creative, miraculously helpful’

‘Who I am is enough to create an ideal set of circumstances’

As I grapple with life, sometimes up, sometimes down, I hold fast to these core thoughts. And they help me. Like a little anchor in the seas of growth, change and craziness, sometimes they keep my head above water, other times they make me fly!



A lovely idea but how exactly do we do this?
One way is to make sure that we keep our thinking expansive. Listening to CD’s and DVD’s of spiritual teachers, reading new books and being part of discussion groups are an essential piece in this work. Through listening to new and insightful ideas, our bodies are given the opportunity to take in and metabolise ways to be more. When this happens we automatically use the knowledge to make deeper connections with our Soul.
When I lived in Findhorn I got to attend some sessions by a German teacher, Thomas Hubel. His work had a remarkable effect on me, primarily because there was no bullsh*t or pretence. He offered a pragmatic and grounded perspective that I could apply in my life. Have a listen to what he has to say http://thomashuebl.com/index.php?lang=en. And if you don’t like his work, find someone else, but don’t slip into spiritual apathy! Go out and expand your spiritual horizons.