The Power of the Heart

The power of the heart. I had a tough time last week but  I finally realised exactly why that was – I was using my mind to navigate my life, face my challenges and make my decisions. Wrong strategy. Seriously wrong energy!
I have discovered that excluding my heart of hearts from what I do always leads to personal difficulty. I hit the wall from living like that. It was melt down at all levels.  And I’ve just spent 3 years learning how not to do that. Now, it’s as if I am allergic to living any other way. The minute I rely only on what I think, all inner (and outer) hell breaks loose! Gosh, how inconvenience but rather fantastic.
The heart is THE manifesting organ. What’s in our heart is what we will encounter in our world. Our thoughts, as potent as they are, are only a part of the total picture. The thoughts that create our reality are the thoughts that are charged with a feeling. No feeling, no result.  A thought takes the shape and form of feeling that charges it.
And since feelings conglomerate in the heart, when we consider our lives we need to consider our hearts. The Bible refers to this truth. ‘As a man thinketh in his heart so is he’. Therein lies the manifesting magic.  But opening our hearts in our daily lives is easier said than done. Our inbuilt survival mechanisms combine with our own personal history to create defensive, heart closing behaviour. A day in business demands it. A read of the newspaper insists on it. An encounter most people ensures it.
And so it is that living close to the sacred pulse of our true heart asks us to deliberately and actively choose to keep our hearts open each day, each instance. It’s about will power, and at the end of last week, when I took on my day with the concrete resolve to keep my heart open, whatever was happening, everything was transformed and made easier.