MANIFESTING MONEY Lesson 6: The ‘HOW’ of How Your Soul Guides You to Mega Money Goals

One of the most important personal discoveries I have made, one that has transformed my understanding and trust in how Spirit helps with the right decision, is the role of impulses.
So what exactly is this impulse and how does it work in helping you make the right decision?The defines impulse the following way: ‘An impelling force; an impetus. The motion produced by such a force. [In] Electronics. A surge of electrical power in one direction.’ This technical definition reveals an impulse as a force that produces movement in a certain direction, and that’s just what my divine impulse theory is all about.
Many people have an expectation that Spirit will speak to them in their head. Our Western thinking, so powerfully shaped by the Christian religion, is full of references to moments when God spoke to people and gave them direct instructions. It’s only natural therefore, that whether or not we practise or subscribe to a Christian viewpoint or not, the idea of spoken guidance from Spirit is an expectation.
Whilst Spirit can and does communicate in a speaking way, I believe it’s an exception, not the rule. Spirit does however, I believe, speak to us regularly – by an impulse – a surge of power which pushes us in a certain direction. Since most people expect divine words to be whispered into their ears, when these impulses happen most people don’t even notice them, let alone act on them.
Think of an impulse as an urge, add an ‘S’ for soul, and you have surge – a surge of desire! I think of this impulse/surge guidance system much like surfers on the sea. They sit on their surf boards and wait for that perfect wave. They can’t make the waves come, but when the right one starts to form, they, quick as lightening jump, on their boards ready to ride it. key to not is that they don’t make the power or direction of the wave. They simple use it to have the experience they want.
Guidance operates in the same way. It simply arises and we need to take it. In If we don’t ride it when it’s happening, the moment is lost, so sensitising ourselves to the action of these impulses is key.
When I moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town in 1994 an impulse helped me. I had selected an area where I wanted to live but couldn’t find a house in my price range.
After exhausting all the ‘normal’ ways to achieve this goal (like calling estate agents, looking in the newspapers) I decided to let go and let Spirit lead me. I started to affirm ‘I find the perfect house in the perfect place at the perfect price in the perfect way.’Resting peacefully in this self-talk I stopped my own efforts. Not long after this a sudden urge/surge/ idea, hit me: call the school in the area and ask if they know of anybody who had a house they wished to let. I immediately responded by picking up the phone (I rode the surge the minute it hit!). The secretary was a little cold when I explained the purpose of my call, and reminded me that they were a school not an estate agent. Nonetheless, she took my details.
A few weeks rolled by and in the course of my business activities I was asked to travel down to Cape Town. A day or two before I left, I received an unexpected telephone call. You’re guessing right, yes, it was the school secretary, saying that surprise, surprise the headmistress’s daughter had a house she wanted to let out The outcome?  I got a house at a rental lower than my budget via an all expenses paid trip. Elegant and easy. I had indeed I found the perfect house in the perfect place at the perfect price in the perfect way. It materialised because I was mad enough to act on an impulse.
Impulses are information packets of force which explode into our energy body, also known as our subtle body, sparking off a desire or an urge to do something. Impulses, waves of energy push us towards the goal that represents Spirit’s higher will – and those are the sort of decisions we want to take. This dynamic applies to your Soul and personal goals too. All of life is poised ready and able to help you ride the wave to mega money!

MANIFESTING MONEY Lesson 5: The first tool I used to Manifest R100 000

Conscious breath is the first contact with the Divine. This beautiful saying, taught to me by a healer, Colyn van Dyk, is a key tool to manifesting mega money. I used this technique to manifest the R100,000.00 in six weeks. I still do. I used this technique to make daily choices, big or small. I still do. I used this technique to tap into my Divine Purpose. I still do. I used this technique to become present with myself. I still do. Conscious breathing is the first contact with the Divine – within and without.
In the type of world that we live in it is easy; in fact it’s common to have every single moment of our time filled with an activity. However it has been my experience that authentic success depends upon spending time in quiet contemplation. Being able to discover your power is dependent on getting to know your inner self. You can only do this if you spend time going within.
When we take ourselves out of the noise of daily living, we are able to really find out where we are at and develop a strong and reliable relationship with our intuition. A lot of people are so busy that they don’t really don’t know where they are at. Most people agree, however few get around to making time to be on their own doing nothing. It’s easier to veg out watching TV than to sit quietly in contemplation.
The best way to get going is to commit to 3 minutes of inner contemplation per day. Three minutes, that’s not difficult is it? When I used this 3 minute approach I soon found that my resistance to doing quiet time fell away. I promised myself I’d not leave the house without having my quiet time, and it had miraculous results. That was 12 years ago and I still do this most days.
Making sure I didn’t leave the house before I had done my three minutes allowed my inner self, the part of me that holds my life blueprint, the part that is connected to infinite wisdom, to have a say in my world. This is how I got in touch with the knowledge of what I should be doing, and how, how big my money goals should be, and how I should go about achieving them.
Your Soul, the overlighting intelligence of your life, is fully involved with the nitty gritty of day to day stuff. For example, at the end of a busy day settling in after a business trip, I was sitting watching TV when, out of the blue, an image of my hand throwing some papers into the rubbish bin earlier in the day just popped up into my mind.
Having settled down to watch a soapy, the last thing I was trying to do was tap into some profound insight or think about paperwork, but as the image flashed through my mind, I realised that the papers in the image were in fact not only my flight voucher, but the cheque my client had given me at the end of the workshop.
No prizes for guessing that I immediately leapt up, looked in the bin, that there it was, the very cheque, that I hadn’t even known was missing! The investment of the three minutes of private connecting each day enabled me to be ahead of my own conscious thought process and activities. Now if that’s not a benefit nothing is. And how useful would that be in your process of changing your patterns, responses and attractor factor when it comes to money. 
1. find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed
2. set the alarm clock for 3 minutes
3. close your eyes and bring your attention on your breathing.
4. breathe in for the count of 4, pulling air into the tummy so that it expands, hold it for 2 second2, and then softly exhale for the count of 6, hold it for 2 second2. Repeat this breathing until your alarm clock goes.
At first you might find your mind chips in, chattering away about what you need to do or other such stuff. When that happens, gently bring your attention back to the process of counting your breaths in and out. Just become breathing and counting, counting and breathing. With practice easier and a feeling of deep peace enters in. This connection with your Soul is the very source of guidance you need on how to manifest that mega money you desire! As you do this practise more and more, the information will spontaneously arise in you without effort.
The beauty of this is that starting off each day with this exercise gives you a sense of control of your life. Even more exciting is the scientific fact that this type of breathing releases feel good chemicals in the brain (serotonin). So simply doing the breathing is a potent way to help yourself into a space of being fully who you are – a joyous being! (and now a rich joyous being).

MANIFESTING MONEY Lesson 4: How I Manifested R100 000 in 6 weeks

Years ago I set a 6 week goal to earn R100,000. The goal came from my YES space and I felt 100% that it was going to happen. I wrote up my goal and put it on my wall to keep me focused. What followed was fab.Whereas before I was battling for every cent, suddenly I got commissioned for talks which paid really really well. I got booked unexpectedly to do training for new clients. Until it suddenly all stopped. As d-day, 9th May 2002, drew near I was still R27 000.00 short. On the final day I was still R27,000.00 short. I felt a little foolish and dejected, that’s true. But what could I do, I resigned myself and moved on.

That weekend I went to clear my post box, something I’d been putting off. Surprise of all surprises, in the mail was a cheque from my Mom’s estate. Guess how much – R26 500 something!  I thought I’d been fully paid out my inheritance, but there was a letter saying that some shares had been sold and here was my portion!  It had been sitting in my post box on d-day! But I was still short of my goal total goal. Then I remembered some clients had purchased books for me in cash. So I took out my purse and by the time I had added that up, I had made my target.

To celebrate that amazing experience I framed the paper on which I wrote my goal. Here’s a picture of it, a picture of that moment when possibility met trust – and the great vortices of the Life Force moved on my behalf to bring about circumstances and situations to achieve my goal in miraculous ways.

So dear mega manifesters, trust life, if only because of this story! Trust life to meet you as you step out into a new way of relating to money. Trust is the way to get a YES in yourself – the way to attract the money you want and desire.
  • To get stressed watching and wanting your financial goal to be achieved.
  • To let go and just forget about it emotionally
 You know which choice is the ONE! So keep practising the techniques. And the next lesson will give you some of the tools and techniques that I used to achieve this. So watch this space and please keep chatting with each other. The energy of interaction is a healing force to help you step up and achieve that goal tucked into your envelope

MANIFESTING MONEY Lesson 3: Saying YES to your Mega Money Goal

The next step in manifesting your money goal is to turn your attractor switch ON. This involves getting your subconscious mind to line up to your conscious choices. Whilst your conscious mind has embraced your intention, your subconscious needs to be in that space too. Your subconscious beliefs and patterns are responsible for everything that is in your life today, so to change tomorrow, you need to work with the subconscious today. More significantly it is through the subconscious that our Soul speaks to us, so that makes this approach a must!

So today I’m going to give you some information about the conscious and subconscious – its quite a read, but really important to understanding manifesting. It’s an extract from my online Course in Feelings. Ready to turn your manifesting switch ON? Yes, let’s do it!

Conscious Mind
This is the part of the mind that you are aware of. You know it as the voice of the mind – forever commenting on your world. For instance when you are out shopping you might hear it say ‘now, do I want to make roast potatoes or mashed potatoes tonight? The children like mash, but these potatoes are too small’.

It not only sounds like a voice, but the conscious mind gives you mental images too. Along with the words roast potatoes it might show images of delicious potatoes, basting in a pan. And into the voices and image mix, come feelings, for instance if you have happy memories of family dinners where roast potatoes were served, cooking these for supper will be appealing without you even knowing why.

The Subconscious Mind
This part of the mind works below your awareness. It controls things from behind the scenes. For example the subconscious keeps your body functioning, after all you don’t instruct your heart to beat, or digestive juices to be secreted when you eat, or your muscles to contract as you walk. No, that’s all taken care of by the subconscious mind.

Moreover everything you do and have done your entire life, everything you see and have seen, everything about you and your world, has been and continues to be recorded in your subconscious mind. The subconscious is like a camera storing your entire experience of the world, including the zillions of bits you don’t even notice at the time. Although most of us cannot access most of this information it is nonetheless still in our minds, influencing how we think and respond. Most importantly it influences what we attract and what we repel.

The information stored is used by the subconscious as reference points to determine the best course of action in the present. If you have been bitten by a dog as a child, when you encounter one as an adult you will feel fear and avoid going too close. You don’t choose to feel fear. It happens automatically. In this way the past creates the present.

The fear is there to protect you from future pain, and in this way feelings act as your friend. In truth all of your feelings, produced by the subconscious, are there to help keep you safe and alive and it’s important to know and acknowledge this truth. Anger, frustration, sadness, guilt, defensiveness etc once, although helped you survive in the past – emotionally, physically or mentally. Some of your feelings might not help you now or even make sense, but they did at some point.

The subconscious mind not only keeps records but uses the information to run daily affairs in your life, in this case your money matters – how much you attract, how you feel when you receive it, how you feel when you spend it, when and how you save it or spend it etc etc.

When you wish to send a note to someone, you don’t have to say to yourself “now how do I write a ‘d’?” No, your hand simply knows this. Your mind knows this. You never have to remember the steps you were taught, you just go ahead and write. In the same way that it allows us to write without thinking about the task of writing; it guides your relationship to money without conscious thought about what is motivating your choice at the moment.

Your subconscious is responsible for over 90% of everything you think, say or do, every response or feeling. Wow! is that not amazing? And that’s the beauty of it – and the problem of it. It helps you recognise the numbers on your bank statement, but it also tightens your tummy when there is not enough money to pay the bills.

And alongside all the money events of our lives the subconscious has recorded all the feelings associated with them. Many and most of these we don’t remember, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t influencing you right now. Let’s say for example that every time you saved every cent of your pocket money as a little child your brother said that you were stingy. This would bring up negative feelings around saving money, and you might have turned out to be spendthrift. So, without knowing why, you never have any savings and you can’t stop buying stuff.

But what if you actually had a natural flair for knowing what shares to buy on the stock market? Wouldn’t the memories in your subconscious hold you back? Of course! So this week I am going to give you exercises to help you become even more aware of your feelings and behaviours around money. I’m particularly interested in the feelings tthat lie deeply hidden, waiting to steal away the money success you desire. We don’t have to discover all the memories and hey! we don’t have time to dig up every inch of the past either! What we want is simply for you to get in tune with your negative feelings about money so that you can use the information they provide to move on.

I like to think of feelings and intuition as falling into two categories – a YES feeling, and a NO feeling. And, both the person experiencing the feeling and any observant outsider can easily identify which feelings are active by simply looking at body language.

The man on the mountain picture is what a strong YES feeling does to the body. The entire body is open and reaching out into life in a joyful trusting way. A subtle version of this YES feeling would be somebody sitting with their arms and legs uncrossed, shoulders down and a friendly look on their face. No tension in the tummy, no pounding heart or short of breath. When you feel this way when dealing with your money, you know that your conscious and subconscious are lined up to achieve the goal.

A strong NO feeling would be the opposite. The body pulls itself inward, shrinking away from life. A subtle version of the NO feeling would be somebody sitting shoulders hunched, hands clenched, legs and arms pulled into the body by either crossing them or standing very erect and stiff. Spastic colon is also a version of this NO constriction. You probably experienced such bodily responses when stressing about money – or lack of it. I certainly have!

Now first thing to remember is that both YES And NO feelings and expressions are our friend. What! you might say! How can a spastic colon or heart palpitations be my friend? Simple! They give us important information about our money beliefs in the moments. To be clear, a YES is my friend, AND a NO is my friend. A YES tells you that your money attractor switch is ON. A NO feelings tells you that it is OFF.

The more you work with your NO feelings in the right way (which is what I’m going to teach you), the more wonderful YES feelings you will experience. The experience of a NO feeling is the sound of KNOW. When you have NO feeling, you KNOW that you’re repelling money.

Feeling are your friend! Feelings are information delivered straight from the subconscious. YES feelings are the signposts to natural success. YES feelings are like magnets, magnetising into your life everything you need to create abundance money, success and happiness. We all experience a range of YES or NO feelings every day, mostly in less pronounced versions than the YES man pictured above, but either way if we turn our attention to them it’s surprisingly easy to feel whether it’s a NO or YES.

And from now on we will be doing exactly as a regular practise. Over time and with repetition, you will become increasingly sensitised to the opening and closing feelings in your body, the YES and NO of the moment. When that happens you are in touch with essential information about your relationship to money, information that comes from a far greater and more potent source than that of your conscious mind. It comes from your unconscious, your Soul and the supra consciousness. And this is good news as you can use this YES/NO information to guide you to achieve your intention that you have lovingly placed in your envelop.

Practising the lessons

Start a record of what you feel when you think about or work with money in any form, noting whether you get a YESor NO feeling. Every time you take out your wallet to buy something, notice whether your feel open and expressed orclosed and shrunken. Everytime you see money in your bank account, notice whether you get YES/joy or NO/fear. In EVERY interaction with money you will take out your notebook, note the time, circumstance and whether you have a YES or NO sensation in your body. It’s not about mind, it’s about body, the voice of the subconscious.

After doing this for a week, you will have a much clearer idea of whether your subconscious is supporting your MEGA MONEY goal or countermanding it. This learning will put the power of choice in your hands. It’s key to note that the intention of this practise is NOT to change your NO feelings, just become aware of them. This is a very important point.

So my friends, a lot of information, but really important. Please post up at least one sentence a day on this face book page. Think of it as your diary. By doing that you will keep yourself doing the right legwork to get maximum mileage and transformation.

Good Luck! Good Money!


By now you have identified one specific goal that you’d like to achieve. It’s in the envelope and waiting, gathering energy.  I’ve put a red bow around my envelope and put it on my desk . You’re also doing the affirmations from the intro. I have written mine in bold, on a piece of paper, and put them on the wall next to my desk so I can see them often. I suggest you do the same. Now we need to create unbending intention, without which nothing is going to change!
Next, I’d like to you write yourself a letter, explaining to yourself what will happen in your world, both inner and outer, when your goal is reached. For instance if you have chosen to manifest a car, you might say ‘Dear Cat, your car will give you such a sense of power and freedom. Instead of having to walk everywhere, you’ll be enabled. You will feel happy and that everything is ok in your world. You can go visit clients, and friends whenever you choose. You love movement, and your car will give you that. …etc.’
Then assess your commitment to this project rating it from one to ten, where one is low commitment, and ten is full on determination. Don’t judge, just notice. End off by writing yourself a note to encourage yourself in this project. Then put your letter into an envelope, address it to yourself, and put a stamp on it. Then put your letter into yet another , and bigger, envelope and post it to me at. I won’t read it, but keep it, ready to post back to you at some point in the future.
When you’ve done that, go make your comment here on my blog. How did it feel when you completed the exercise, what discoveries did you make? The lesson for today is this: you do not have the thing you want in your life, (the thing in the envelope) because you want something else more. eina! But,what is the more you want?  Simple: the situation you have now. Unconscious payoffs are potent, and active. The first point of transformation is recognising that there are other stronger unconscious desires at play in your life, and these have been the guiding force up until now. Acknowledgement of such puts you in the driving seat of change.
As water shapes its flow according to the ground, success comes by
relating to the surroundings. Just as water retains no constant shape,
there is no constant condition. Thus, those who can flexibly adapt their
tactics according to the situation shall find success.   
                                                          Sun Tzu