On Tuesday I had a day from heaven! What made it fabulous beyond fabulous, was that it was set up to be a day from hell. Ok, not literally, thank goodness. But the set up was perfect for toil and trouble, snot and drama.
I recently moved into what I considered dream offices and training rooms. Within the space of a week however, the deal had turned upside down. The company who was moving out decided not to move out. Because the landlord couldn’t handle the situation emotionally, he turned the admin of the premises over to the tenant who had decided to stay. What followed was a very slick case of passive forced removal. First he refused to give me the office I had chosen and agreed, then he more than doubled the rent, and 10 days later booted me out!
When I received the very nasty email telling me to leave it felt like a dagger into my heart. It wasn’t a simple email. It was an energetic barb and affected me deeply. I loved the offices and my first response was pain. Then it turned to vindictive anger during which I wrote an stinging response to him and the landlord explaining my legal rights and viewpoint on ethics. Fortunately I decided to sleep on it before sending the mail. Guess what happened? My internet went down for nearly a week! Life stopped me from sending the mail and during that internet down time, the task of packing up physically allowed me to access a higher perspective AND find the offices that were really for me. This is how it went.
At some point in the drama I remembered the key truth I teach: anger, pain and stress close the heart. Since the heart is the manifesting organ, contemplating stinging emails was the worst thing I could do for myself, my future. The only person that would suffer would be me! As I took this in, another realisation dropped through the pipeline into my consciousness. Could it be that I was paying back karmic debt having operated that very way in business myself many years ago? As I packed up, both realisations settled into my cells, and I left with a heart open and a mind free. But let me tell you of the miracles that happened to help me pack up, and move on.
Firstly I had a significant dream after the rent was raised. In the dream I was in the office allocated to me. My office cupboard had been moved away from the door and two elderly yet fit men were inspecting the place. As I watched them in the dream I realised they were going to help me do up the place, in particular paint the walls white. The dream was so clear that when I woke up the next day I drew a picture and made notes. I felt very certain that I was being mystically helped with my office situation.
Secondly I never made plans to move. I simply woke up on the 1st, and tried to get hold of a truck. When I wasn’t successful I got into my little car and headed towards the office to start packing. On the way I stopped to take a call. When I pulled back into the road I took note that it had set me back time wise. But I thought ‘”I’m in the perfect time always””. Shortly after that  I noticed  a little white truck driving in front of me and started to wonder if this truck and driver operated their own business.
I said to myself  that if he continued on my route, I would jump out and approach him. And that’s exactly what happened. There and then, on the side of the road in the sparkling morning sun, I found the means to move at a cost I could afford – and within the hour. Then my sister said her gardener to help me carry furniture. The move went like clockwork and on the way back from dropping the gardener back at my sister’s house, I noticed a sign on a white walled property. ‘”conference space to rent (at great prices)”
Wow! That caught my interest. I travelled on. I started to go slower. That conference space was calling me. I travelled even slower.  Then suddenly I did a U turn and went back. You see, when riding the flow of life, it’s your feet that do the leading, not your head. And it happens in the present moment, not by mental plan. It’s a about responding to the desires that run unexpectedly through your consciousness like a gentle breeze playing on water. So  I drove into the office campus and stopped outside the conference centre that had first drawn me. Here, in spite of the many open places, couldn’t seem to find the right space to park and drove my car in crazy circles. Bizarre but true! So instead I continued down the road as it narrowed down and wove amongst the African bush.
My car found itself in front of a beautiful rambling thatch house, obviously occupied by businesses. Following my feet once again I simply went into the first door I saw. Glass and light and high reaching ceilings greeted me and I wandered into the offices shouting “”hello, hello””.  Not really knowing what I was doing there, I asked the first thing that came to mind “”do you by any chance have office space””.  And so it was I met the most delightful human being and found perfect offices, at the perfect price, and in a complex shared by others who aspired to uplifted business and higher conscious living.

This dear reader is the potential that life offers us all. To let go of the need to plan, attack or repress. To allow the Divine Life Force to take us to the place where we should be – not by a voice that speaks from the heavens, nor by downloading a plan into our minds, but simply by following our feet as directed by our heart. Then all things work together for our higher good, and life becomes a joyous expression, an easy process of simply riding the river!  Effortless effort. Stop Pushing. Start Riding.

The Power of the Heart

The power of the heart. I had a tough time last week but  I finally realised exactly why that was – I was using my mind to navigate my life, face my challenges and make my decisions. Wrong strategy. Seriously wrong energy!
I have discovered that excluding my heart of hearts from what I do always leads to personal difficulty. I hit the wall from living like that. It was melt down at all levels.  And I’ve just spent 3 years learning how not to do that. Now, it’s as if I am allergic to living any other way. The minute I rely only on what I think, all inner (and outer) hell breaks loose! Gosh, how inconvenience but rather fantastic.
The heart is THE manifesting organ. What’s in our heart is what we will encounter in our world. Our thoughts, as potent as they are, are only a part of the total picture. The thoughts that create our reality are the thoughts that are charged with a feeling. No feeling, no result.  A thought takes the shape and form of feeling that charges it.
And since feelings conglomerate in the heart, when we consider our lives we need to consider our hearts. The Bible refers to this truth. ‘As a man thinketh in his heart so is he’. Therein lies the manifesting magic.  But opening our hearts in our daily lives is easier said than done. Our inbuilt survival mechanisms combine with our own personal history to create defensive, heart closing behaviour. A day in business demands it. A read of the newspaper insists on it. An encounter most people ensures it.
And so it is that living close to the sacred pulse of our true heart asks us to deliberately and actively choose to keep our hearts open each day, each instance. It’s about will power, and at the end of last week, when I took on my day with the concrete resolve to keep my heart open, whatever was happening, everything was transformed and made easier.


Last night I fell down a double flight of stairs. I wasn’t hurt, just stunned – and yes, bruised. But the moment got my attention and reminded me of something I am totally and utterly convinced about : discomfort is a message from the Soul. Discomfort is a sign post, a way of your soul getting your attention.

Speeding down 50 steps, slip sliding in the wet of a recent rain storm, and musically accompanied by the sound of my umbrella clanging on each step, certainly got my attention. Believe you me!I sat, skirt askew, in semi darkness. The passage light had thankfully switched itself off during my descent, bringing the dignity to my thighs. Surrounded by concerned family and agog neighbours I was struck dumb but incredibly aware at the same time.

It’s true I could only just give ‘yes’ ‘no’ answers to concerned questions like ‘did you bump your head’ :  ‘no’, do you want to go the hospital?’ : ‘no’.  But it’s equally true that I knew Spirit had just dealt with me. Actually I feel like I’ve just had a big hiding, right on my backside. 50 sharp slaps to get me to stop doing what I have been doing.And so today, I’m sobered. I’m connected to a sense that something in my life is totally out of alignment. And I’m making mental and emotional space to listen so I know exactly what adjustments are calling to be made.

PS: interested in finding out more about how your Soul speaks to you using the process of discomfort? My  book Ride the River explains it all, easily!.  To order email CatGlennie@gmail.com

The Importance of Acknowledging all of Yourself

The search for our Soul is actually the search for wholeness. All too often people walk around with the notion of their Soul as Love and Light, not knowing that the energy stream of their Soul contains more than that.

Yesterday I ran a workshop to help people step into their power and align with their Soul.  In the afternoon I asked participants to name the qualities that define who they are at the highest level. Ideas such as healer, compassionate, teacher, light, joy were named. No one had put down such qualities as moody, selfish, aggressive, sexual etc.

I asked them to go back to the drawing board and list those ‘dark’ aspects of themselves too, and then talk about them with someone in the room.  Well! the energy and noise level in the room instantly rose, not a little bit, but by a gigantic jump!  There was suddenly a life force and presence in the room that hadn’t been there before.

This  shows how when we embrace the all of ourselves,  we say YES to a full flow of Life Force – and open up to  a full connection our Soul. Many people desire more energy, power and spiritual guidance  all the while trying to hide their dark side. Ironically the one thing that they don’t want to work with, is the one thing that holds the answer.

I am not suggesting that you actively create or desire ‘bad’ aspects to be active in your personality. The work of raising consciousness is the work of bringing a higher vibration to these very aspects. However if they are stashed away in the cupboard, hidden and sublimated, how could they possibly be transformed?

And, there is a part of us that belongs to the animal kingdom. Fact. We are more enabled if we stand in the place of acknowledging and owning this truth so we can consciously work with it. It’s when these aspects are denied that such energies can become corrupt, and end up being expressed in ways that are simply not ok.

This is a thorny issue. Even as I write I can hear a million reason why not to put these ideas on paper. Testimony to how conditioned we are not to look at this subject. However I am convinced that Soul asks this of us. When our willingness to see the totality of ourselves is held in the chamber of an open and loving heart space, then it becomes safe one for all.  And it’s important to know that the acknowledgement of our ‘dark stuff’ is not the same as acting on it. We can see it, own it and feel the energy of it. But directing it into the outside world towards people and circumstances can be pure projection and yet another form of denial.

I am a naturally aggressive person. Five years of living in a spiritual community turned into five years of trying to keep that natural aggression hidden. What happened? Not only did I a loose a vital and necessary part of myself, but I opened the door to illness. Only when I stood in my centre and welcomed the fact that my natural aggression is a juicy gift given me to help me fulfil my life’s calling, did I turn the health corner.

So here’s an invitation. Open your heart to hold the all of yourself. Welcome back the real you so you may stand in the full flow of Life and make a deep connection with your Soul, and success!