3 Steps to Connect with your Soul

And this morning, before my eyes managed to focus, this information zoomed into 100% focus in my consciousness…
3 steps to connect with our Soul :
1.        Make a choice to do so.
2.       Work WITH your circumstances. Stop resisting. (Easier said than done, especially on emotional stuff).
3.       Deliberately bring more of your non-physical presence into your human self.
When you were born part of you became flesh and bone, and part remains in the non-physical domain. You are simply too big to be squashed into a limited human experience. Those who do not pay attention to the non- physical part of themselves, loose more and more contact with it and become lost to themselves. Dark night of the Soul and all that… All that’s needed to return to yourself are these three steps, contemplated, integrated and actioned.
Perfect actions are:
  • remind yourself everyday of this choice
  • go to a practise like QiGong which teaches your body to stop resisting
  • and the simple meditation of conscious breathing

Is there a link between Death and Success?

I truly 100% and totally believe that if you’re meant to die at a certain time, nothing can stop that.
There’s a story in South Africa about a young professional who gets hijacked and decides to move to America to get away from the crime. Where does he get a job? In none other than the world trade centre! Where is he working when the planes hit on 11th September? Yes, you know it!
I notice that these stories are quick to come into my mind when I try making decisions which ‘avoid dying’ and then I relax into a philosophical mode and let go trying to guide things too much. But today I realised I have selective believing – and it’s working against me!
If I totally and utterly believe I cannot avoid a date with my death why is it that I don’t totally and utterly believe that a date with success cannot be avoided either? That’s nonsense. It’s got to stop. From today on if the rule applies to death, then I’m insisting my mind apply it to success too! – especially those spontaneous visions of success that surface in quiet times, those juicy images of wonderful exciting things happening in graceful easy ways.