Write a big sign and note to your Soul 

‘Am I taking the right actions to achieve my financial goals? Show me  clearly, very clearly what I should do each day, every day, to achieve my money goals.’

Keep repeating the question, never ever trying to find the answers yourself. It’s an answer from your Soul you’re seeking. These answers arise in unexpected moments of being relaxed and at ease. After a time, it could be a day, a fortnight or 6 weeks, an intuitive flash will give you the answer. Yay!


Come and join me for the next 10 days online. I will be posting a lesson a day about deliberate manifestation.. starting this afternoon at 14.00pm.
This is the first in a series of posts about manifestation, deliberate manifestation. We are all manifesting all the time. We cannot avoid that. Who we are, our beliefs and patterns, but most importantly our feelings, conscious/unconscious, are acting as a mould which directs the life force to create circumstances and situations in our lives.

Deliberate manifestation moves that process from an unconscious to a conscious one, and that is an exciting development – one that our Soul has been waiting for. When we put ourselves in the driver seat in this way, we set about learning the very things that our Soul is interested in – how we can work on the inner to raise our consciousness – and impact the world around us.
Soul is about manifesting life deliberately, and there is nowhere more potent forum for this than the arena of money.

Far from being the root of all evil, money and the making of it, is the root of all learning when done with Soul principles in mind. When guided by your Soul, finding money becomes a sacred journey  that raises your consciousness. So to set this truth up in your beingness and prepare you to go to a new money level, lesson one on our manifesting money is to write out these affirmations about money, and put it up on your wall:
The pursuit of money is a good thing. My Soul guides me in this.
Getting and keeping money raises my consciousness.
I deserve, and have the ability to earn money, mega money, fast.
Look at these affirmations, and say them out loud as often as you can, but at least 5 times in the morning on waking, and five times at night before sleeping. This ensures you set up your day in the right way, and get your subconscious to keep processing your money stuff at night. Words stated out loud are potent because they override your subconscious programming, and also influence the particles around you. Just trust as you make these statements that you are unleashing some magic in your world – and you will!
In the next few day’s I’ll be looking at the principle of Oneness and its role in deliberate manifestation, and also the importance of owning your sh*te.

Are You one of the Walking Dead?

me all rained out – but happy!

Want to find the walking dead? Look in large organisations. So many there have lost their connection to their Soul, and a sense of excitement and love for their work. 

Working to pay the bills is the quickest way to start dying inside. Too many rational decisions, taking life – and yourself too seriously coupled with boring conformity, are a sure guarantee you’ll loose your zest for life. And loosing your zest is a clear indication that you’ve dropped your Soul connection. Ping! Line Dropped! Out in the cold!

Best thing you can do is take on life with a childlike mindset. Today I did just that! I’ve just started a recycling project in my complex. It’s a large place that spews out garbage by the buckets, most dumped indiscriminately by disinterested residents. So each day I take my bright spark self to the new recycling area where I rummage in other people’s rubbish. Yes, it’s not a pretty picture, but someone has to direct wet garbage away from dry clean recycling stuff. That someone is me. It’s about the principle ‘If it’s to be, it’s up to me’ or leading from the front!

Today however it was raining cats and dogs. As I contemplated the weather I decided not to be put off. Hey! Why not do my recycling stint in the rain and enjoy it like a child would! So I changed into suitable clothes and set off. On the way I got to laugh and chat with one of the gardeners, and we agreed a walk in the rain was good for the Soul. I trundled bins around with rain running down my shoulders, opened black bags with water dripping down my back, and packed cardboard in neat stacks to the applause of thunder and lightening. What fun! How liberating, and then I walked back to my apartment sloshing through the rivulets and puddles.
So dear Soul seeker, I invite you ditch, just every now and then, boring adult sensible stuff. Enliven your Soul. Keep that connection. Say yes to enjoying every task. Now is the only time there is. Make it work for you – and your Soul Self.

2 Essential Keys to Successful Living

I cannot emphasize enough the absolute importance of being in right standing with yourself. When you are not  your system shuts down parts of yourself. And this shuts off the flow of the Universal manifesting power through you. That’s exactly the opposite of what you want, the opposite of what you need.
It’s easy to fall out of right standing with yourself, and even easier to ignore that it has happened. It about not saying sorry when you know you should. Not being honest when asked a leading question from someone you love. Not keeping promises to yourself like going to gym when you had promised yourself you would, keeping to your eating plan or spending over your budget. These are all tiny things everyone does everyday, over and over.
Stop it if you wish to succeed.
Living with authenticity and upholding your own values is not just about integrity, it’s about the vibrational quality of you, YOU as in the point of vibrational attraction, YOU the mould for your life.

Pull Yourself Together

Your car is German. Your pizza is Italian. Your beer is Mexican. Your wine is French. Your democracy is Greek. Your coffee is Brazilian. Your tea is Chinese. Your watch is Swiss. Your fashion is British. Your shirt is Indian. Your shoes are Thai. Your radio is Korean. Your vodka is Russian. And then complain: your …neighbour is an immigrant?
Pull yourself together! 

(from my friend Jayne. I quite agree Jayne! Copy this if you are against racism and xenophobia and know that the essence of each person is a Soul of radiant energy)


As we bring this series to a close taking yourself through a completion is important. Doing this will leave you with a sense of accomplishment, clarity on what you’ve got out of the course and what you need to do next.

How to do that:

1. Write down your intentions/goals set at the beginning. Assess your progress, noticing the feelings that arise. Yes or No? How stuck/how free?
2. Rate how committed you were to the goal and the process – without judgement. Low commitment = resistance to money.
3. Browse all the lessons then write a short list of your key insights – and list another of the manifesting tools you learned
4. Highlight those that worked well for you, and mark those which you will continue using as part of your daily practise. Commit to them.
5. Decide to teach these to someone in your life when the opportunity arises (we teach what we most need to learn)
6. State your next steps and develop an intention ( which might be a continuing of the old one).
7. Close your eyes and give thanks to the group and the learning, send light to our little community and then release it with love.

Thanks for joining me in a wonderful journey of manifesting and sharing. May your next steps be filled with new awareness, a deep connection with your Soul and a powerful sense that your life is guided and held.

Invitation to a workshop in Cape town called: The Art and Practise of Deliberate Manifestation

When: Sat 18th September
Cost: by donation starting with R100 – R500
Covering: key principles and daily practices as they’ve never been seen before. Not just a talk shop. A chance to try the stuff out too. An interactive and fully engaged day that will give participants a sense of grounded power and new relationship with their abilities to attract what they wish into their lives. Yay!
Where: I am trying to get a room at Novalis in Wynberg.
Times: 9am to 5ish.


MANIFESTING MONEY Lesson 6: The ‘HOW’ of How Your Soul Guides You to Mega Money Goals

One of the most important personal discoveries I have made, one that has transformed my understanding and trust in how Spirit helps with the right decision, is the role of impulses.
So what exactly is this impulse and how does it work in helping you make the right decision?The www.dictionary.com defines impulse the following way: ‘An impelling force; an impetus. The motion produced by such a force. [In] Electronics. A surge of electrical power in one direction.’ This technical definition reveals an impulse as a force that produces movement in a certain direction, and that’s just what my divine impulse theory is all about.
Many people have an expectation that Spirit will speak to them in their head. Our Western thinking, so powerfully shaped by the Christian religion, is full of references to moments when God spoke to people and gave them direct instructions. It’s only natural therefore, that whether or not we practise or subscribe to a Christian viewpoint or not, the idea of spoken guidance from Spirit is an expectation.
Whilst Spirit can and does communicate in a speaking way, I believe it’s an exception, not the rule. Spirit does however, I believe, speak to us regularly – by an impulse – a surge of power which pushes us in a certain direction. Since most people expect divine words to be whispered into their ears, when these impulses happen most people don’t even notice them, let alone act on them.
Think of an impulse as an urge, add an ‘S’ for soul, and you have surge – a surge of desire! I think of this impulse/surge guidance system much like surfers on the sea. They sit on their surf boards and wait for that perfect wave. They can’t make the waves come, but when the right one starts to form, they, quick as lightening jump, on their boards ready to ride it. key to not is that they don’t make the power or direction of the wave. They simple use it to have the experience they want.
Guidance operates in the same way. It simply arises and we need to take it. In If we don’t ride it when it’s happening, the moment is lost, so sensitising ourselves to the action of these impulses is key.
When I moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town in 1994 an impulse helped me. I had selected an area where I wanted to live but couldn’t find a house in my price range.
After exhausting all the ‘normal’ ways to achieve this goal (like calling estate agents, looking in the newspapers) I decided to let go and let Spirit lead me. I started to affirm ‘I find the perfect house in the perfect place at the perfect price in the perfect way.’Resting peacefully in this self-talk I stopped my own efforts. Not long after this a sudden urge/surge/ idea, hit me: call the school in the area and ask if they know of anybody who had a house they wished to let. I immediately responded by picking up the phone (I rode the surge the minute it hit!). The secretary was a little cold when I explained the purpose of my call, and reminded me that they were a school not an estate agent. Nonetheless, she took my details.
A few weeks rolled by and in the course of my business activities I was asked to travel down to Cape Town. A day or two before I left, I received an unexpected telephone call. You’re guessing right, yes, it was the school secretary, saying that surprise, surprise the headmistress’s daughter had a house she wanted to let out The outcome?  I got a house at a rental lower than my budget via an all expenses paid trip. Elegant and easy. I had indeed I found the perfect house in the perfect place at the perfect price in the perfect way. It materialised because I was mad enough to act on an impulse.
Impulses are information packets of force which explode into our energy body, also known as our subtle body, sparking off a desire or an urge to do something. Impulses, waves of energy push us towards the goal that represents Spirit’s higher will – and those are the sort of decisions we want to take. This dynamic applies to your Soul and personal goals too. All of life is poised ready and able to help you ride the wave to mega money!


Manifestation goes beyond goal setting. Instead of using mind power and focussed action to achieve your goals, manifestation reaches deeper, bringing in psycho-spiritual and emotional aspects. Essentially manifestation is a much broader, multifaceted approach to achieving those things your heart desires.
Manifestation, it turns out, has at its core, the heart – your real heart AND your heart of hearts. For most of us this means that the energy that gathers in our head through the process of thinking, needs to drop into the heart. In the West we have to retrain the basic everyday way we operate. But it can be done, and the more people who do it, the easier it becomes for others.
According to spiritual teacher Gregg Braden when the energy of the lower three chakras, comprising love or it’s opposite, meet the energy of the top three chakras, comprising thought/intellect, a feeling is created  in the heart. The quality of that feeling will determine what is manifested. And the quality of the feeling, is determined by the quality of the originating thought and whether it meets fear or love half way down.
It stands to reason that feelings of self worth and value will be a key determinant to whether you are successful in deliberate manifestation projects. Raising awareness and bringing healing to your self esteem is a prerequisite to achieving your goals in life. Hah! That’s the bad news for many as this is easier said than done – and many are so heart blocked that it’s seems an enormous task.
The good news is that the minute you set the intention to heal your self-esteem your Soul engages as well. Your Soul brings about an ideal set of circumstances (often not too comfortable), creating a perfect learning path -thus providing help in mystical and marvellous ways. Thank you Soul!

Meditation is Good for Business

Meditation is good for business. Believe it or not, mediation not only brings inner peace and serenity, but it’s also a brilliant way improve business effectiveness.
I’ve been trying to re-position my product for the last little while (my product is me, of course). The process of trying to work out what I should do, for who and how created some hectic mental churn over the last two weeks. At the same time I’ve been busy, out there. Meetings, dinners, gym, stacks of things to do, so much so that my daily spiritual practice has taken a back seat.

Finally today I cleared the decks and made time to be still and go within. Guess what? Although it wasn’t my aim, at the end I had a clear mental image, stated in simple terms, of how to name my work, where to offer it and who to phone. The result?When I called the client who came to mind, with the suggestion that had come to mind, she lit up, (I could feel it even over the phone!) saying ‘this is exactly what we have been wanting to do, but haven’t got round to it. Write me a proposal and let’s go!’
As we talked I got a Ride the River (name of my book) experience – streams of energy poured through my body, giving me goose bumps. And that. for me, is always physical confirmation that I am on the right track, doing the right thing.
When we take our business troubles to meditation, elegant and simple answers come about in marvellous ways. To find our more about meditation you could start with  http://www.freemeditations.com/healing-meditation.html. It seems really comprehensive. Let me know how you find it.
When I looked for Christian Meditation  sites these two came up http://www.freemeditations.com/christian_meditation.html and http://www.grainofwheat.net/journey.html. Would love your comment on these too, and any other recommendations.

3 Steps to Connect with your Soul

And this morning, before my eyes managed to focus, this information zoomed into 100% focus in my consciousness…
3 steps to connect with our Soul :
1.        Make a choice to do so.
2.       Work WITH your circumstances. Stop resisting. (Easier said than done, especially on emotional stuff).
3.       Deliberately bring more of your non-physical presence into your human self.
When you were born part of you became flesh and bone, and part remains in the non-physical domain. You are simply too big to be squashed into a limited human experience. Those who do not pay attention to the non- physical part of themselves, loose more and more contact with it and become lost to themselves. Dark night of the Soul and all that… All that’s needed to return to yourself are these three steps, contemplated, integrated and actioned.
Perfect actions are:
  • remind yourself everyday of this choice
  • go to a practise like QiGong which teaches your body to stop resisting
  • and the simple meditation of conscious breathing