What would it be like to have the most efficient all-knowing reminder service prompting you on the right thing to do 24/7 – 365 days a year! It would take a load off your mind, and reduce your to do list dramatically, not so? Living lightly this way is what’s on offer from your Soul. And what hurts us most is ignoring it!

Cat shares real life experiences of how her Soul prompted her
I recently remembered this fabulous truth when I arrived, by impulse, at the voters registration offices with only hours left to get on the roll. Up until that morning I was totally ignorant of the cut off time, but acting on my Soul promptings as I had breakfast, I landed up registered in the right time, right place. Elegant! Easy! No cell phone reminder, diary or drama!

It happens all the time. Another time I had just returned from the UK not knowing that my driver’s licence was about to expire. Busily involved in starting up my South African life again, it never even occurred to me to check it. But my Soul knew about it, and so when my daughter mentioned drivers licence renewals one morning, my soul spoke loud and clear – by that I mean something ran through me as I heard those words – and I decided there and then that I would go to the licence office that day! On arriving I discovered that it was to expire the very next day! Woohoo! What joy! How amazing and how easy to avoid frustration, time and money, and feel fabulously supported and aligned at the same time! And this marvellous reminder service of the Soul is there for everyone.

What stands in your way?
But what stands in the way of this natural process is your mind-mind and its overbearing thinking process. Instead of planning and scheming all the time, what is needed is self awareness; in particular an awareness of what is moving through you in the moment.

How does your Soul speak to you?
The Soul speaks to you via a gentle but clear urge to do something. It is a seemingly physical experience, but mystically transcends the body at the same time. It calls you to act, but too many people are de-sensitized to this feelings – and don’t taken action on the impulse.

If you feel its absence in your life, it is not that it isn’t there, but that you are not allowing it. It is important to know that it happens in real time and needs to be responded to the same way. There is no forward planning. It runs through you just-in-time (dam! we all want forward notice…) And when it comes through you, like a sneeze, it takes over for a split second. Unlike a sneeze it can be ignored! My prayer is that you don’t ignore it one moment more!

So what hurts most in life – ignoring impulses of your Soul. It hurts not to say YES to your Soul. Your Soul is the most efficient reminder service in the world! It is a field of intelligence that knows your perfect life plan and guides you step by tiny step. To say yes requires courage but brings joy, like riding a river. To say no is living your programming. Your mind-mind will always find reasons why not.

But as Deepak Chopra says ‘The possibility of stepping into a higher plane is quite real for everyone. It requires no force or effort or sacrifice. It involves little more than changing our ideas about what is normal.’


1. Having goals and plans, but allowing them to unfold in ‘’the way they want it to happen’’ ensures you walk your Soul path in the highest and best way.

2. You are conditioned to make things happen per your plan. Soul doesn’t work that way.

3. Everything, every moment, speaks to you of you. The more charge the moment has, the more information is being offered. To access that information simply ASK: what is being reflected back to me that shows me about me?

4. To the degree you embrace the oneness of all things, is the degree to which you allow the river of Divine Life Force to flow into you, and through you, for you. Your life will have flow. To embrace oneness keep repeating ‘I AM THAT’ to every situation you encounter, every person you meet.

5. Allow things to emerge. This does not mean non-action. It means right action. To the degree that you know how you feel you will know right action.


In the quantum world relationship is the key to determine everything.   In quantum physics relationships are not just interesting; to many physicists they are ALL there is to reality.

One physicists, Henry Stapp describes elementary particles as ‘’a set of relationships that reach outward toward other things’’. [a very different picture to that of tiny planets moving around a nucleus that we learned at primary school, not so?) Scientist gave up searching for things because as they experimented to find elemental particles, the found things that changed form and properties as they responded to one another and to the scientist observing them.  In place of tiny billiard balls moved around by contact forces, there are what amounts to so many patterns of active relationship, electrons and photons, mesons and nucleons that tease us with their elusive double lines as they are now position, now momentum, now particles, now waves, now mass, now energy – all that in response to each other and the environment.

In these words (either Margaret Wheatley or Donah Zohar -not sure which wonderful author penned which bits), explain why so many spiritual teachers tell us that we live in a field of unlimited potential – and that we are creating our own reality.  For me I love it when a profound thought is supported by a scientific fact!   AND the fact that relationship is key to determine everything, made me realise one of the key principles of manifestation:  It’s not the thing you want, it’s your relationship to the thing!


The Soul is a field of intelligence and a stream of energy.  It is not a replica of your human form but it knows of YOUR human condition intimately, and holds the memories of all your lives, past and future, however it is not moved by emotions like the human-self.

The Soul knows every decision you have and will ever make – right to the point of the death of your body. It knows your challenges and every single possibility that presents itself in every choice, whether seemingly mundane, like which route to take to work, or seemingly huge, like which person to marry.

Your Soul has lived your life already and knows what life you would have led as you go up the tunnel to Spirit, but at the same time it also mystically remains connected to Spirit (your Spirit and the Universal Life Force – the Great Spirit). Quite something, is it not? It therefore knows your destiny and the life path to which you committed as you took on a human form, and all your human foibles and struggles, and it mediates between the two – all with the aim of getting you to raise your human consciousness.  It is that purpose, raised human consciousness, that is Soul’s total abiding purpose.

In light and gratitude,




“When we live our life contrary to the inner guidance of our Soul, our actions often have a disharmonious effect upon ourselves, others and the Earth. This is why the evolution of individual human consciousness is intimately linked with the future of this planet. In light of this, the crisis of all physical illness, emotional imbalance and planetary upheaval has but one ultimate purpose: to provide an opportunity that will motivate us to realign our body, mind and emotions with the infinite love, wisdom and healing of our Soul. Therefore, whenever we gather the courage to do whatever it takes to end the war within, we contribute directly and immediately to our own healing and transformation as well as to the peace that our world cries out for.” – John-Michael

Blessings on your Day!



“Healthy femininity trusts the mystical forces of Life is enough to bring about all goals. It operates from experiencing the present moment and responds with instinctive knowingness and caring for all. It is inclusive in a non invasive way and waits on the intelligence of love to move it. It is receptive, allowing all that is needed to be given it to bring about new forms in life.”


A well feminine voice is calling us all – in our own life, and on the planet! Over the last two thousand years, or more, the masculine energy in its corrupted form has governed humanity – hence the state of the planet. Harmonious living with nature is virtually non-existence, and rule of force, wars, suppression of women, abuse, violence and dictatorship have ruled. Corrupt male energies have ruled the earth with a stranglehold on politics, business and schooling, affecting all aspects of society.

Worse still, many women of today, especially in business, have subliminally taken on board masculine attributes and lost themselves in the process. Business research shows masculine qualities are behaviours attributed to success – even women think that!  Things are changing thankfully, and men and women are awakening, and returning, to their feminine force (yes men have a feminine force).  In order for this to happen in a big way, (which is what the world needs) polarised masculinity (present in both men and women) needs to move back into balance with the feminine, and through this, become function as planned.

image001Both these energies are present in all of us, however as a general rule, men’s primary energy is masculine, and women’s is feminine.  This truth is expressed in the yin-yang symbol, where both have a little dot of the opposite colour

When the masculine and feminine are not in balanced expression and cooperation with each other, natural checks and balances are not active. Both aspects then pull apart and polarise, falling out of their natural modes of operating and becoming corrupt in their essence and action.



Thrusting forward, driving and making things happen

Initiating and controlling

A foundation and anchor and a backbone


Thinking, planning and analysing to know what’s happening

Concerned with the outer


Head connected

Competitive and focussed on tasks, doing

Works with the ‘I’ – the role and function of the individual and differentiation


Overpowering and selfish and ruthless

Forceful, aggressive and brutal


Rigid and constricting

Undeviating and unbending

Unable to express feelings and emotions or acknowledge or even allow other’s feelings

Busy to a point of never taking time to go inwards

Over analytical, logical to the exclusion of all else

Coldly disconnected from the impact of their actions on others


Provides an anchor, form and foundation to the expansive creative force of the feminine, bringing focus and manifestation. It brings healthy individuation, creating borders and structure, and forward movement. (we all need that!) The warrior male energies protect and go into the world to make an impact. It is quietly confident, holding its own and keeping its centre in the face of different opinions or conflict. From this description we can see how important this energy is for both men and women. Doing, impacting and thinking are its key notes.



Restful and patient and trusting

Heart connected


Holding the creative potential



Expanding, organic growth and inspiring vision

Collaborating and patient


Happy to work from the present moment


Works with the WE


Manipulative and scheming

Inert and wimpish and vague

Scattered and disorganised and doesn’t get things done


Confused and stuck

Governed by what others think

Over emotional to a point of being immobilised

Self sacrificing

Victim mode


Equally as strong but in a still way, healthy femininity knows that all is very well in the world, and that trusting the mystical forces of life is enough to bring about all goals. It operates from experiencing the present moment and responds with instinctive knowingness and caring for all. It is inclusive in a non invasive way and waits on the intelligence of love to move it as it refers to the inner world. It is receptive, allowing all that is needed to be given it to bring about new forms in life.  Allowing, feeling and emergence are its key notes.


1.       Monitor your thinking and move away from conditioned idea that you need to take action in order to heal. That is a stuck masculine approach.

2.       Use the healing power of feminine energy. By simply becoming aware of what mode is active within you moment by moment. That is enough to activate a natural success system that lives within you – and knows how to bring you to balance – if you will just allow it. This silent inner leader will help you make intuitive steps to bring your masculine and feminine energies into balance. Your only role is to know the characteristics of each and acknowledge which is operating when.

3.       It’s important to allow yourself to move fluidly between the masculine and feminine energies as guided by the circumstances. For example if you standing at the hospital admissions with a very sick child and getting to see a doctor is taking too long, that’s the time for masculine driving energy to become active and push things to happen. If however you partner has just had bad news, that’s the time for feminine deep quiet listening and loving support and caring to take over. In this way healthy masculine and feminine energies ask us to be fluid enough to dance between the two as the situation dictates. The more you work in this way, the more automatic and empowered it will become.


The heart is the manifesting organ, not mind-power, not hard work. The heart.

When your heart is open, you are a beacon, guiding the things you want to safely land in your world

When your heart is closed, you are a chaser, repelling your hearts desires. Bummer….

The fact is, that our hearts open and close a ga-zillion times a day, so just what can we do to keep it more open, more often?  That is the nub, the centre point, the alpha and omega of manifestation. 

images (2)

The heart more than you ever dreamed it to be. The Bible says ‘as a man thinketh in his heart so is he’. Since scientists have now discovered that the heart comprises more neural (brain) cells than muscle cells it seems that these ancient writings knew something long before we did! The heart has an electro magnetic field 500 times bigger than that of the brain. It’s potent. It’s the place where the body-mind meet in potency.

The valve that opens and closes your energies like the attachment at the end of a hose, is controlled by your subconscious and expressed by your heart

Generally this process operates below your consciousness but by tuning into your body you can feel its mode – i.e. when it’s open (YES) or closed (NO). These are two states that you need to tune into in and become intimately acquainted with in order to turn ON your DELIBERATE manifesting power. Awareness of the sensations of the body and your feelings is the pathway to this awareness.

  1. First you need to establish an active and loving relationship with your body. And I have a great exercise to do this – simply, easily, effectively. Let me know if you would like the info
  2. Love your goals. In astrological terms the planet Venus, the planet of love, is also the planet of money! You need not only to love yourself and life, but love your goals – having an open and trusting heart towards them. Heart break, closing your heart or simply insisting on living completely in the realm of logic and intellect, close the heart like closing off the tap. The body can shift your stuckness without your mind’s help. Intellect jams the process.  Intellect’s role is to define and focus on what the heart has chosen.

‘Unaided by the Spirit-breath, the work of intellection tends to solve the problems

of the things we see, and nothing more’ Aquarian Gospel

You need to love what you wish to bring into material existence. If you want more money, set out to create a loving, nurturing and respectful relationship with money. If you want a lover, new house, better job, love the idea and every aspect of the desire. If it’s not in your world now you do not fully and open heartedly and unreservedly love it. But this can be changed by the ideas and these practices.   Trust me. I have designed, tested and proven that they work.

Choosing to open your heart is the art of deliberate manifestation, and to be an effective DELIBERATE manifester, you must make it a daily, all the time, practise. An open heart turns the attractor switch to the ON position. This is the practise of deliberate manifestation.


Copyright Catherine M Glennie

Please feel free to share this essential information with others who need to know this stuff, but if you do all I ask is that you acknowledge its source.

Blessings on your DELIBERATE manifestation practice!