Did you know that we have three main brains? Yes, it’s true. One left brain, one right one, and another less known, the heart. Scientists now know that the heart has over 50% neural cells and is responsible for directing the manufacture of key brain regulating hormones. Yep, it’s true the heart is actually the boss of the brain and boss of your body.In truth the heart is actually boss of your life. It has a magnetic field bigger than the brain. It also has a electrical field bigger than the brain. Accordingly to the HearthMath Institute in the USA, the heart’s electromagnetic field permeates every cell of the body and is 500 times more powerful than the electromagnetic field around the brain. That’s something isn’t it!
I cannot emphasize, once again, how important it is to bring your daily thought processes into your heart centre. When you do this, your decisions will become coloured and imbued with Soul qualities, giving you body based insights to direct your life along the correct path, a higher destiny and consciousness.

Modern man’s natural inclination is to use the brain to understand and navigate life. and so we have to deliberately re-train ourselves to include heart based decision making. Simply taping on your heart with the tips of your fingers from time to time during the day will help you, and your heart-mind, remember that it’s actually the boss and that you know that! And when that happens, move over your life! Watch how much more in tune you will be with the heart beat of your own destiny.