CD: Discover Your Purpose

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If you died today, would you be proud of your life and how you lived?

In 1984, I wasn’t!!!    And in that dramatic ahaa moment I decided that enough was enough.  I set out to change that, and to actively create a life that I would feel proud of when I stood before my maker. Since then I have tapped into and used my gifts, talents and abilities.  I transformed my life and started living on purpose.  Joy and success followed. This audio teaches you how to do this too.  

Each of us is hard wired for a purpose.  We arrived on the planet with a plan.  You arrived on the planet with a plan hardwired into your unconscious.  The words on this audio can help to reconnect with it. Listening to this audio repeatedly will awaken you to your blueprint. And when that happens your joy will multiply and your life will bubble with meaning.  You will feel alive.  You will want to work and engage!  And that’s when the magic begins.

DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE was created through a deep contemplative process by Spiritual Life Coach, Cat Glennie.  The words on it have the power to change you. The energy of the material will speak to your heart. The content will sooth you and give you confidence.

Through her 18 years experience in helping people connect to their higher purpose, Cat knows what to say to your unconscious mind to awaken your very own blue print and talents.  She has personally spoken those special words for you on this two-part audio.  The first part offers powerful insights and most importantly gives you a chance to say them out loud yourself.  Participating in this way increases your awakening process. The second part invites you to use the power of your visual mind to see yourself living a life of purpose, all with the aim of deepening your awakening to purpose and power.

The audio is specially timed so that it is easy to use every day.  For instance you can listen on your way to the office.  It is not too long.  It is not too short. Take it with you on your smart phone and let it be your constant friend. It is easy to use this life awakening tool every day.  And that’s what needs to happen!  Only by repeatedly listening to the awakening words on this audio will you create new mental pathways that lead to the door way of your heart, and the blue print of your life.

For a mere £2.00, everyone can download this audio.  The question is, do you really really want to stand before God at the end of your life and say, I did what I was sent to do?  I do!  And that’s why this very audio is in existence.

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