CD: Deliberate Manifestation

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Recorded at one of Cat’s seminars on manifestation, this CD offers a new but completely common sense teaching on the age old (and often frustratingly illusive) topic of manifestation.

By listening to Cat teaching about DELIBERATE manifestation, you will at last learn why visualisation and affirmation are not enough to do the trick for most, neither is having a plan and working your butt off!  Cat goes on to tell you what’s been missing, and what to do to turn things around.  What’s nice is that Cat shares stories from her own life. And it’s good to know that there is a silver lining.  If you are concerned that you might have heard the stuff before, we doubt it!  It’s pretty cutting edge. Listen to it and you will learn:

  • The KEY to DELIBERATE manifestation
  • the simple yet brilliant laws of DELIBERATE manifestation

Divinely inspired material – the most important teaching in the law of attraction, ever!

Keep listening.  Keep transforming!