MANIFESTING MONEY Lesson 6: The ‘HOW’ of How Your Soul Guides You to Mega Money Goals

One of the most important personal discoveries I have made, one that has transformed my understanding and trust in how Spirit helps with the right decision, is the role of impulses.
So what exactly is this impulse and how does it work in helping you make the right decision?The defines impulse the following way: ‘An impelling force; an impetus. The motion produced by such a force. [In] Electronics. A surge of electrical power in one direction.’ This technical definition reveals an impulse as a force that produces movement in a certain direction, and that’s just what my divine impulse theory is all about.
Many people have an expectation that Spirit will speak to them in their head. Our Western thinking, so powerfully shaped by the Christian religion, is full of references to moments when God spoke to people and gave them direct instructions. It’s only natural therefore, that whether or not we practise or subscribe to a Christian viewpoint or not, the idea of spoken guidance from Spirit is an expectation.
Whilst Spirit can and does communicate in a speaking way, I believe it’s an exception, not the rule. Spirit does however, I believe, speak to us regularly – by an impulse – a surge of power which pushes us in a certain direction. Since most people expect divine words to be whispered into their ears, when these impulses happen most people don’t even notice them, let alone act on them.
Think of an impulse as an urge, add an ‘S’ for soul, and you have surge – a surge of desire! I think of this impulse/surge guidance system much like surfers on the sea. They sit on their surf boards and wait for that perfect wave. They can’t make the waves come, but when the right one starts to form, they, quick as lightening jump, on their boards ready to ride it. key to not is that they don’t make the power or direction of the wave. They simple use it to have the experience they want.
Guidance operates in the same way. It simply arises and we need to take it. In If we don’t ride it when it’s happening, the moment is lost, so sensitising ourselves to the action of these impulses is key.
When I moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town in 1994 an impulse helped me. I had selected an area where I wanted to live but couldn’t find a house in my price range.
After exhausting all the ‘normal’ ways to achieve this goal (like calling estate agents, looking in the newspapers) I decided to let go and let Spirit lead me. I started to affirm ‘I find the perfect house in the perfect place at the perfect price in the perfect way.’Resting peacefully in this self-talk I stopped my own efforts. Not long after this a sudden urge/surge/ idea, hit me: call the school in the area and ask if they know of anybody who had a house they wished to let. I immediately responded by picking up the phone (I rode the surge the minute it hit!). The secretary was a little cold when I explained the purpose of my call, and reminded me that they were a school not an estate agent. Nonetheless, she took my details.
A few weeks rolled by and in the course of my business activities I was asked to travel down to Cape Town. A day or two before I left, I received an unexpected telephone call. You’re guessing right, yes, it was the school secretary, saying that surprise, surprise the headmistress’s daughter had a house she wanted to let out The outcome?  I got a house at a rental lower than my budget via an all expenses paid trip. Elegant and easy. I had indeed I found the perfect house in the perfect place at the perfect price in the perfect way. It materialised because I was mad enough to act on an impulse.
Impulses are information packets of force which explode into our energy body, also known as our subtle body, sparking off a desire or an urge to do something. Impulses, waves of energy push us towards the goal that represents Spirit’s higher will – and those are the sort of decisions we want to take. This dynamic applies to your Soul and personal goals too. All of life is poised ready and able to help you ride the wave to mega money!

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