MANIFESTING MONEY Lesson 5: The first tool I used to Manifest R100 000

Conscious breath is the first contact with the Divine. This beautiful saying, taught to me by a healer, Colyn van Dyk, is a key tool to manifesting mega money. I used this technique to manifest the R100,000.00 in six weeks. I still do. I used this technique to make daily choices, big or small. I still do. I used this technique to tap into my Divine Purpose. I still do. I used this technique to become present with myself. I still do. Conscious breathing is the first contact with the Divine – within and without.
In the type of world that we live in it is easy; in fact it’s common to have every single moment of our time filled with an activity. However it has been my experience that authentic success depends upon spending time in quiet contemplation. Being able to discover your power is dependent on getting to know your inner self. You can only do this if you spend time going within.
When we take ourselves out of the noise of daily living, we are able to really find out where we are at and develop a strong and reliable relationship with our intuition. A lot of people are so busy that they don’t really don’t know where they are at. Most people agree, however few get around to making time to be on their own doing nothing. It’s easier to veg out watching TV than to sit quietly in contemplation.
The best way to get going is to commit to 3 minutes of inner contemplation per day. Three minutes, that’s not difficult is it? When I used this 3 minute approach I soon found that my resistance to doing quiet time fell away. I promised myself I’d not leave the house without having my quiet time, and it had miraculous results. That was 12 years ago and I still do this most days.
Making sure I didn’t leave the house before I had done my three minutes allowed my inner self, the part of me that holds my life blueprint, the part that is connected to infinite wisdom, to have a say in my world. This is how I got in touch with the knowledge of what I should be doing, and how, how big my money goals should be, and how I should go about achieving them.
Your Soul, the overlighting intelligence of your life, is fully involved with the nitty gritty of day to day stuff. For example, at the end of a busy day settling in after a business trip, I was sitting watching TV when, out of the blue, an image of my hand throwing some papers into the rubbish bin earlier in the day just popped up into my mind.
Having settled down to watch a soapy, the last thing I was trying to do was tap into some profound insight or think about paperwork, but as the image flashed through my mind, I realised that the papers in the image were in fact not only my flight voucher, but the cheque my client had given me at the end of the workshop.
No prizes for guessing that I immediately leapt up, looked in the bin, that there it was, the very cheque, that I hadn’t even known was missing! The investment of the three minutes of private connecting each day enabled me to be ahead of my own conscious thought process and activities. Now if that’s not a benefit nothing is. And how useful would that be in your process of changing your patterns, responses and attractor factor when it comes to money. 
1. find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed
2. set the alarm clock for 3 minutes
3. close your eyes and bring your attention on your breathing.
4. breathe in for the count of 4, pulling air into the tummy so that it expands, hold it for 2 second2, and then softly exhale for the count of 6, hold it for 2 second2. Repeat this breathing until your alarm clock goes.
At first you might find your mind chips in, chattering away about what you need to do or other such stuff. When that happens, gently bring your attention back to the process of counting your breaths in and out. Just become breathing and counting, counting and breathing. With practice easier and a feeling of deep peace enters in. This connection with your Soul is the very source of guidance you need on how to manifest that mega money you desire! As you do this practise more and more, the information will spontaneously arise in you without effort.
The beauty of this is that starting off each day with this exercise gives you a sense of control of your life. Even more exciting is the scientific fact that this type of breathing releases feel good chemicals in the brain (serotonin). So simply doing the breathing is a potent way to help yourself into a space of being fully who you are – a joyous being! (and now a rich joyous being).

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