MANIFESTING MONEY Lesson 4: How I Manifested R100 000 in 6 weeks

Years ago I set a 6 week goal to earn R100,000. The goal came from my YES space and I felt 100% that it was going to happen. I wrote up my goal and put it on my wall to keep me focused. What followed was fab.Whereas before I was battling for every cent, suddenly I got commissioned for talks which paid really really well. I got booked unexpectedly to do training for new clients. Until it suddenly all stopped. As d-day, 9th May 2002, drew near I was still R27 000.00 short. On the final day I was still R27,000.00 short. I felt a little foolish and dejected, that’s true. But what could I do, I resigned myself and moved on.

That weekend I went to clear my post box, something I’d been putting off. Surprise of all surprises, in the mail was a cheque from my Mom’s estate. Guess how much – R26 500 something!  I thought I’d been fully paid out my inheritance, but there was a letter saying that some shares had been sold and here was my portion!  It had been sitting in my post box on d-day! But I was still short of my goal total goal. Then I remembered some clients had purchased books for me in cash. So I took out my purse and by the time I had added that up, I had made my target.

To celebrate that amazing experience I framed the paper on which I wrote my goal. Here’s a picture of it, a picture of that moment when possibility met trust – and the great vortices of the Life Force moved on my behalf to bring about circumstances and situations to achieve my goal in miraculous ways.

So dear mega manifesters, trust life, if only because of this story! Trust life to meet you as you step out into a new way of relating to money. Trust is the way to get a YES in yourself – the way to attract the money you want and desire.
  • To get stressed watching and wanting your financial goal to be achieved.
  • To let go and just forget about it emotionally
 You know which choice is the ONE! So keep practising the techniques. And the next lesson will give you some of the tools and techniques that I used to achieve this. So watch this space and please keep chatting with each other. The energy of interaction is a healing force to help you step up and achieve that goal tucked into your envelope

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