By now you have identified one specific goal that you’d like to achieve. It’s in the envelope and waiting, gathering energy.  I’ve put a red bow around my envelope and put it on my desk . You’re also doing the affirmations from the intro. I have written mine in bold, on a piece of paper, and put them on the wall next to my desk so I can see them often. I suggest you do the same. Now we need to create unbending intention, without which nothing is going to change!
Next, I’d like to you write yourself a letter, explaining to yourself what will happen in your world, both inner and outer, when your goal is reached. For instance if you have chosen to manifest a car, you might say ‘Dear Cat, your car will give you such a sense of power and freedom. Instead of having to walk everywhere, you’ll be enabled. You will feel happy and that everything is ok in your world. You can go visit clients, and friends whenever you choose. You love movement, and your car will give you that. …etc.’
Then assess your commitment to this project rating it from one to ten, where one is low commitment, and ten is full on determination. Don’t judge, just notice. End off by writing yourself a note to encourage yourself in this project. Then put your letter into an envelope, address it to yourself, and put a stamp on it. Then put your letter into yet another , and bigger, envelope and post it to me at. I won’t read it, but keep it, ready to post back to you at some point in the future.
When you’ve done that, go make your comment here on my blog. How did it feel when you completed the exercise, what discoveries did you make? The lesson for today is this: you do not have the thing you want in your life, (the thing in the envelope) because you want something else more. eina! But,what is the more you want?  Simple: the situation you have now. Unconscious payoffs are potent, and active. The first point of transformation is recognising that there are other stronger unconscious desires at play in your life, and these have been the guiding force up until now. Acknowledgement of such puts you in the driving seat of change.
As water shapes its flow according to the ground, success comes by
relating to the surroundings. Just as water retains no constant shape,
there is no constant condition. Thus, those who can flexibly adapt their
tactics according to the situation shall find success.   
                                                          Sun Tzu

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