Two weeks ago I hit the overwhelm wall. I had too many ideas, too long a to-do list and no sense of doing the important stuff. Obviously this was not true. I was active and productive, but my perception and relationship with my activities was not. And that’s the crux of any situation. It’s not what you are doing, it’s the thoughts about what you’re doing.
So, I started to use my faithful and ever effective helper – the ASK TOOL – which simply turns any mental churn into a question. Ta raa! I love it. Then I combined with another favourite. SURFING or riding the river – riding waves of impulses when they’re up; chilling when they’re down. Something I might add that most people simply cannot give themselves permission to do.
And so, instead of forcing myself to pretend I had va va voom on Monday, I wrote a note asking ‘how do I dissolve my overwhelm? What things should I not do, and what things should I do?’ Then I went back to  my wonderful bed with a view over trees and fountains, and allowed my overwhelm to take me down. I was surfing. Waiting behind the waves.
Next day I was back to my normal routine, but slower. I was still behind the waves. But my question waited on my desk,  tapping into the brilliance of the super-conscious and the perpetual wisdom of that stream of intelligence that is Soul. And so it was for the next few days. No resistance, just asking and surfing. But things were about to change. I can’t tell you exactly how or when, but a new work system started to settle in my brain, a way of segmenting my time that would achieve my goals. So I wrote it down and felt inspired. It felt good. It felt perfect. Soul solutions are like that.
What happened? As I acted on this intuitive plan, my motivation and excitement went sky high. Suddenly my love for writing blogs was back and ideas streamed into me. And new ways to attract business simply landed in my consciousness. Doors started opening to help me succeed. I was back in the zone.
So if you’re battling from overwhelm, give my method a whirl. It’s scary. Society doesn’t supports such models. It’s the Soul way to operate. Trust, joy and motivation – why on earth would anybody not want to connect to the power of their Soul?

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