How I get help from Spirit

When I do coaching, when I work with groups, I get these ‘downloads’ or intuitive flashes about the person or situation. Sometimes it’s an image, sometimes it’s a sentence and sometimes it’s a knowing. I was recently working with a client, coaching her on her goals to get her business revenues up. She was the ideal client – dedicated to growth, applying everything I offered her, and still her business wasn’t performing. As we considered this, I had a knowing moment – suddenly I knew that her staff were stealing.

The information came out of the blue, and of course there was no guarantee that it was true. As a coach all I could do was suggest that she look into it. Yesterday I met with her again and she told me that she had discovered her staff were stealing, she had dealt with the problem and the store revenue had shot up!
How wonderful for her, and amazing for me to get such clear confirmation! I always feel a little shy, not wishing to boast, but nonetheless simply being thankful that I can bring that extra spiritual aspect to my work. I feel blessed, excited and abundant. It’s not me. It’s Spirit working through me. And I give thanks that it is so. (and wow, look at this picture taken of me with my grandson…… looks a little mystical too)

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