Last night I fell down a double flight of stairs. I wasn’t hurt, just stunned – and yes, bruised. But the moment got my attention and reminded me of something I am totally and utterly convinced about : discomfort is a message from the Soul. Discomfort is a sign post, a way of your soul getting your attention.

Speeding down 50 steps, slip sliding in the wet of a recent rain storm, and musically accompanied by the sound of my umbrella clanging on each step, certainly got my attention. Believe you me!I sat, skirt askew, in semi darkness. The passage light had thankfully switched itself off during my descent, bringing the dignity to my thighs. Surrounded by concerned family and agog neighbours I was struck dumb but incredibly aware at the same time.

It’s true I could only just give ‘yes’ ‘no’ answers to concerned questions like ‘did you bump your head’ :  ‘no’, do you want to go the hospital?’ : ‘no’.  But it’s equally true that I knew Spirit had just dealt with me. Actually I feel like I’ve just had a big hiding, right on my backside. 50 sharp slaps to get me to stop doing what I have been doing.And so today, I’m sobered. I’m connected to a sense that something in my life is totally out of alignment. And I’m making mental and emotional space to listen so I know exactly what adjustments are calling to be made.

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