Help from Unseen Guides

Unseen Guides
by Dr. Napoleon Hill
Source: You Can Work Your Own Miracles Fawcett Columbine Book. Copyright 1971. Pgs. 45, 46, & 47.
I was sent this inspiring piece recently, and find it so uplifting that I’m simply sharing it with you as is. Enjoy!
‘After I had met with one failure after another, and each time was tempted to desert or neglect my major mission in life, I began to notice that the effects of each failure were immediately wiped out the moment I got back on the track and began to carry out my mission. This happened so often that it could not be explained away as a mere coincidence.From personal experiences, I know there are friendly Guides available to everyone who will recognize them and accept their services. In order to avail oneself of the services of these unseen Guides, two things are necessary: first, one must express gratitude for their services; second, one must follow their guidance to the letter. Neglect in this respect will bring sure, if not always swift, disaster. Perhaps this may explain why some people meet with disasters, the cause of which they cannot understand; disasters which they do not believe to be the results of any fault on their part.

For many years I was so sensitive concerning the unseen Guides, whose presence I had felt, that I carefully avoided all references to them, in both my writings and in public lectures. Then, one day in a conversation with Elmer R. Gates, a distinguished scientist and inventor, I was overwhelmed with joy when I learned that he not only had discovered the presence of unseen Guides, but he had formed a working alliance with them which enabled him to perfect more inventions and procure more patents than had ever been granted to the great inventor, Thomas A. Edison.

From that day on I began to make inquiries of the hundreds of successful men who collaborated with me in the organization of the Science of Success, and discovered that each of them had received guidance from unknown sources, although many of them were reluctant to admit this discovery. My experience with men in the upper brackets of personal achievements has been that they prefer to accredit their success to their individual superiority.

Thomas A. Edison, Henry Ford, Luther Burbank, Andrew Carnegie, Elmer R. Gates, and Dr. Alexander Graham Bell went to great lengths in their descriptions of their experiences with unseen Guides, although some of these men did not refer to these invisible sources of aid as “guides.” Dr. Bell, in particular, believed the invisible source of aid was nothing but a direct contact with Infinite Intelligence, brought about by the individual’s stimulation of his own mind through a burning desire for the attainment of definite objectives.’

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