Cat Answers Your Questions

Is Cat’s approach religious?
No.  Cat draws on the fundamental laws of the universe for her coaching. In the same way that gravity is a law that governs us, these laws are applicable to all.
So what sort of laws are these?
Here three to name a few:
1.       The holographic nature of life, where all parts are a reflection of the whole and vice versa.
2.       The quantum theory of the unified field which says we are all one energetically.
3.       That your life purpose is hard wired into your unconscious, and you can access it.And if this seems too technical –  well – you did ask! But relax, understanding and applying these laws to daily living in a meaningful way is what Cat is brilliant at. She uses this dynamic understanding in simple ways to help you get a truer perspective on your life and feelings.  Is it airy fairy?
Naaa. Not at all. Cat is a go getter who knows that all knowledge must inform concrete realities.  She draws on spiritual laws when relevant to life situations. By doing this it gives clear meaning to what you are doing, and brings actions into harmony with the energies of life.How does Cat get such GREAT results?
Simple.  Cat skillfully observes your body language in a unique way – and she is an intuitive and empath  (she can often feel what is going on in your system – and that’s useful in a world were so many people are disconnected from their feelings. ) 

Why does Cat focus on the body to help you understand what is going on in your life?
The body does not lie!
The Soul speaks to us through our bodies, our feelings.  
Your body is the print out of the energy patterns of your thoughts, beliefs, ideas and experiences. These energies determine what you attract into your life, and how you respond to those circumstances. that makes them VERY important! Cat helps you re-awaken your awareness these subliminal patters and then shift them

What happens in a one hour session?
Cat starts the session with simple body exercises to get your left right brain synchronised, and to get your thoughts and body energies in tune.  Working with body based information reveals the truth about your situation in the fastest most accurate fashion. Often the real cause of self sabotaging behaviour is so unobvious that it would take many many sessions of talking to get to it. But Cat’s brilliant method allows you to get to it much, much quicker, much much easier.

What happens in the intensive coaching (The Course in Feelings & manifestation)?
You will receive a series of lessons which you will read, and then do exercises each day. These lessons walk you through a structured, step by step journey to transforming your life at all levels.  they also teach you about manifestation, particularly body-based tools.  The body based tools activate the Cosmic Mind to help you, and your dissolve internal stuckness .  Once a week sessions with Cat will help you relate the lesson to your own life and process/release blocks. By working with Cat in this way you will learn to use life changing tools, and take them on as part of the way you live. When that happens, the magic begins!

How does Cat help you get to the real truth via the body?
By stepping on and off towels. Sound strange? Yup… a little… but you will be blown away by the results.

Say for example you want to lose weight but no matter how many diets you go on you just can’t.  Cat will put two towels on the floor, one representing your ideal body weight, the other your current weight.  When your body steps onto the ideal weight towel, for example, all the underlying fears, beliefs and energetic patterns come to the surface in the form of feelings. By mirroring these feelings to you, and helping you feel them, Cat helps you unpack your real motivations for staying overweight.  By knowing that, for example, being thin is scary because of the sexual power that might be released, allows you to stop fighting what your mind considers an important function in your life. You will be equipped to work WITH you inner world – not fight a never ending battle. Too many people spend most of their energy fighting an exhausting inner battle. This equips you to jump off that cycle.

How does this help?
Using this technique Cat has helped hundreds of people from all over the world. For example: some men realise how scary they find their own aggression, business people realise why they procrastinate or keep themselves in a dwal, or why they succeed when they work for an organisation but fail in their own business, teenagers to model new more powerful ways of being confident. The list is endless. Your Soul knows exactly what is going on and how to change things for the better.

Does Cat’s sessions do more than shed light?
But what is great about these sessions, is that they not only shed light on your process, but energetically reformat your patterns without your specific effort. And that’s really amazing! Cat helps you use your body to shift the problem and make a cellular connection with what you want.  This programs your body-mind system to behave differently – and that’s when the magic begins. She works at the level of energies, not getting lost in never ending dialogue.

 Cat is an empath.  She can often feel what is happening in her client’s body.

For years she thought all the feelings she was experiencing were her own, but while she was studying at a spiritual education centre overseas she began to realise that she had the inherent ability to experience other people’s feelings in her own body. She started to refine the ability, and realised that being an empath is jolly useful for her work. So many people live in their head, cut off from their feelings. That means cut off from the voice of their Soul! She can direct them to reconnect, reclaim and revitalise.

Cat uses body wisdom to reveal inner conflict about your goals – and shift it. It’s about meeting your hidden self in a way that is effortless. This much more reliable source of information is used to pinpoint a strategy for dissolving your negative patterns, overcoming negative habits that hold you back.Cat’s energy leaves your motivated and inspired. The way she has dared to live her dreams inspires you to do the same. No hocus pocus. Simple quantum mechanics.

How long is a coaching session?
anything from an hour to two hours.

Where does Cat work from?
Mainly Cape Town, but often Johannesburg. Distance sessions are amazingly effective too. By phone/skype. That means a life changing moment is at the end of the line!

Does Cat only do one-on-one session? 
No, her group sessions are incredible. There is a healing power in group consciousness.  These sessions are advertised beforehand.

Do I have to meet Cat? What happens if I have big stuff to shift? 
No, she has a remote coaching program called the Course in Feelings & manifestation, and because of her empath abilities, she can tune into your energy field irrespective of whether you are with her or not.

Coming back to the one hour coaching sessions, what can I expect afterwards?

Wow! Some clients leave with a sense a whole world has been lifted off their shoulders, others feel sleepy and need to rest (at last), others finally connected with long overdue feelings – these feelings  give them the clarity and energy to change their lives – like leaving a lousy relationship.  Some need only one session. Others have a big onion and many layers. 

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