A lovely idea but how exactly do we do this?
One way is to make sure that we keep our thinking expansive. Listening to CD’s and DVD’s of spiritual teachers, reading new books and being part of discussion groups are an essential piece in this work. Through listening to new and insightful ideas, our bodies are given the opportunity to take in and metabolise ways to be more. When this happens we automatically use the knowledge to make deeper connections with our Soul.
When I lived in Findhorn I got to attend some sessions by a German teacher, Thomas Hubel. His work had a remarkable effect on me, primarily because there was no bullsh*t or pretence. He offered a pragmatic and grounded perspective that I could apply in my life. Have a listen to what he has to say http://thomashuebl.com/index.php?lang=en. And if you don’t like his work, find someone else, but don’t slip into spiritual apathy! Go out and expand your spiritual horizons.

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