Catherine Glennie is South Africa’s premier manifestation coach.  She offers a new but completely common sense teaching on the age-old topic of manifestation.  Her understanding of manifestation combined with her unique process of working with the body-mind make a session with Catherine an astounding, uplifting and shifting experience.

Manifestation is a word that refers to goal achievement in practice, but is mystical in nature.  It implies that achievement of life goals involves more than one’s own personal effort. So what is it that we have to do to activate life to work in your favour?

Cat can give you answers.  She knows both traditional goal setting and mind power techniques, AND the other mystical stuff.  She knows it because she discovered it through trial and error as she journeyed to her ultimate life.

Cat thinks of manifestation as the process of setting aligned intentions, and then allowing the Divine Life Force to flow through you to achieve them.  It is this Divine Life Force that, like a river, brings your dreams to life, but which most people ignore, or through blockages of emotional stuckness block off.

Catherine observes the information given by your body postures, combined with intuitive information that flows to me, to help you connect to these blockages.  And that’s the starting point. As the Soul communicates via sensations in the body, feelings are considered signals from the Soul but most people have disconnected from feelings not understanding that they are more significant.  What is required is a new relationship with the messages of the body-mind to help direct and guide your life, day in day out.

The Soul is a stream of overnighting intelligence,  a field of love and clarity that has information about your ideal life path, everything that has or will ever happen to you –  and every single outcome that you could possibly take in your life – and the consequences of that.  How useful would it be to be able to tap into that information?  yes!

Your Soul  is a wise all knowing part of you that is available to you if you will open yourself to it. The sessions teach you how. Part of that process is allowing – and that’s the most difficult part. Cat’s favourite saying is that if it is not in your life, a part of you doesn’t want it.  She helps you discover the parts that are sabotaging your success and helps you let the wisdom of the body mind unblock them without hours of therapy, talking or trying.

She gives you tools to work WITH your Soul in a practical way after the session.  So you leave shifted, uplifted AND empowered. Whatever your life circumstances, there is a place of ease and flow . That’s important to know.

The sessions are not therapy. They are designed to help you determine and achieve your life goals, in particular the high dream that the Soul holds for you.  Multiple methods are used to help with this process, but these sessions are not targeted at psychological illness, and I am not a therapist nor consultant.  

These are private sessions, face to face in Cape Town and/or on the phone.  A session will cost R495 per hour. You can book for one session and come as often as works for you or you can sign up for a structured programme for 6 weeks which includes a written lesson a week, a daily check in and a session at the beginning, middle and end.  Either way there is an option for you to learn the key skills of working with your Soul Stream to live your Ultimate Life. 

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