Cat’s Work

Cat Glennie is South Africa’s premier manifestation coach.  She offers a new but completely common sense teaching on the age-old topic of manifestation.

Manifestation is a word that refers to goal achievement in practice, but is mystical in nature.  It implies that achievement of life goals involves more than one’s own personal effort. So what is it that we have to do to activate life to work in your favour?

Cat can give you answers.  She knows both traditional goal setting and mind power techniques, AND the other mystical stuff.  She knows it because she discovered it through trial and error. And it is not complicated at all. Using a series of easy body-based tools things start happening, for you, not because of you!

Cat thinks of manifestation as the process of setting aligned intentions, and then allowing the Divine Life Force to flow through you.  It is this Divine Life Force that, like a river, brings your dreams to life. Part of that process is allowing – and that’s the most difficult part. Cat’s favourite saying is that if it is not in your life, a part of you doesn’t want it.  She helps you discover the parts that are sabotaging your success.  She gives you tools to work WITH the Divine Life Force.

Through her coaching, CD’s and books, Cat specialises in helping you dissolve subliminal stuckness .  Whatever your life circumstances, there is a place of ease and flow . It is time for you to stop pushing and start riding the wonderful river of manifestation.

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