1. Having goals and plans, but allowing them to unfold in ‘’the way they want it to happen’’ ensures you walk your Soul path in the highest and best way.

2. You are conditioned to make things happen per your plan. Soul doesn’t work that way.

3. Everything, every moment, speaks to you of you. The more charge the moment has, the more information is being offered. To access that information simply ASK: what is being reflected back to me that shows me about me?

4. To the degree you embrace the oneness of all things, is the degree to which you allow the river of Divine Life Force to flow into you, and through you, for you. Your life will have flow. To embrace oneness keep repeating ‘I AM THAT’ to every situation you encounter, every person you meet.

5. Allow things to emerge. This does not mean non-action. It means right action. To the degree that you know how you feel you will know right action.


So many people waste their power and lose life energy in trying to avoid conflict.  In truth most people are deeply extremely afraid of conflict. However conflict, properly understood, is simply a call to greater intimacy (not sexual of course, but a real and sacred connectedness).  Spiritual practise involves meditation and the like, but spiritual practise is also involves holding yourself in an inner space to face conflict in an open-hearted way. Thomas Hubl, spiritual teacher par excellence frames it this way …’If I am in difficult conflict situations ready to let the unpleasant really be uncomfortable, not to displace it, then I can anchor myself so strongly in the unpleasantness that I hold the space open to really get access to the essential core of the conflict. Then the essence of the conflict will speak through me. This is the moment where transformation happens.’

(Thomas Hübl in a talk with Tom Steininger from EnlightenNext Radio about Transparent Communication)


Two weeks ago I hit the overwhelm wall. I had too many ideas, too long a to-do list and no sense of doing the important stuff. Obviously this was not true. I was active and productive, but my perception and relationship with my activities was not. And that’s the crux of any situation. It’s not what you are doing, it’s the thoughts about what you’re doing.
So, I started to use my faithful and ever effective helper – the ASK TOOL – which simply turns any mental churn into a question. Ta raa! I love it. Then I combined with another favourite. SURFING or riding the river – riding waves of impulses when they’re up; chilling when they’re down. Something I might add that most people simply cannot give themselves permission to do.
And so, instead of forcing myself to pretend I had va va voom on Monday, I wrote a note asking ‘how do I dissolve my overwhelm? What things should I not do, and what things should I do?’ Then I went back to  my wonderful bed with a view over trees and fountains, and allowed my overwhelm to take me down. I was surfing. Waiting behind the waves.
Next day I was back to my normal routine, but slower. I was still behind the waves. But my question waited on my desk,  tapping into the brilliance of the super-conscious and the perpetual wisdom of that stream of intelligence that is Soul. And so it was for the next few days. No resistance, just asking and surfing. But things were about to change. I can’t tell you exactly how or when, but a new work system started to settle in my brain, a way of segmenting my time that would achieve my goals. So I wrote it down and felt inspired. It felt good. It felt perfect. Soul solutions are like that.
What happened? As I acted on this intuitive plan, my motivation and excitement went sky high. Suddenly my love for writing blogs was back and ideas streamed into me. And new ways to attract business simply landed in my consciousness. Doors started opening to help me succeed. I was back in the zone.
So if you’re battling from overwhelm, give my method a whirl. It’s scary. Society doesn’t supports such models. It’s the Soul way to operate. Trust, joy and motivation – why on earth would anybody not want to connect to the power of their Soul?

How to deal with ANYTHING that comes your way

 When my two girls were old enough I drove them down to spend a week with my Mom at the coast.  When we arrived, the children immediately wanted to go to the beach.  I was tired and preoccupied with business matters, but I agreed and off we went. 
When we arrived I noticed that the beach had been dramatically changed by a spring tide and now sloped steeply down toward the sea.  My mind was so full of other things it didn’t occur to me that the only wave breaking on this now steep slope was rather dangerous. The truth is that my body was at the beach, but my mind was elsewhere. I was not present! This was soon to change…
As I went into the water, I was thrown down into the churning sand, spluttering and gasping for air – I was completely powerless. I had one thought only – keeping alive, surviving the huge wave descending on me. As the water subsided and gave me a chance to rise to my feet I experienced the most unexpected exhilaration and joy. The wave had become my NOW. My children, stunned by the sight of their Mom disappearing under a wall of water were relieved to see me stand up. They were surprised as I let out a shout (of joy) and charged up the beach toward them! I was changed. I was there! I had experienced a total experience of the NOW, and it was amazing.
It was a brilliant gift, for I had experienced that moment with all my being.  Every sense, every muscle, every thought had focused on that moment. In doing that I experienced a remarkable sense of aliveness. And so my one-minute swim became a lifetime’s lesson.  Jerry Jampolsky says this about being in the NOW:
‘It is very easy to lapse into the past or build up anxiety about the future.  When we do this, we are often not peaceful.  When we recognize this, we can focus our attention back to the present where it is possible to experience peace. If we stay in the present, we are best able to deal with anything that comes our way.  If we are someplace else, it is not possible to make decisions.  In essence, NOW is the only time there is.  It is in the NOW that the love energy comes through us.  It is in the NOW that we are not judgmental and we can see clearly what is going on….We cannot control the external world.  We will never be peaceful if we try to do so.’
We really start LIVING when we get into the present, the now, fear and all! (Notice the word fear here.) Fear of experiencing fear causes us to suppress fear in our daily life. That action not only steals energy and shuts us down, but separates us from ourselves. 
‘When negative feelings are suppressed positive feelings become suppressed as well, and love dies.’                John Gray
The present moment is like a river of feelings and experiences, moving, changing and passing. If we can be brave enough to feel all this flow, we come alive. The present moment and flow are actually one and the same thing. Right action comes from the flow of life. 
You are being led to your perfect life through the subtle feelings and urges, sometimes called ‘good’  sometimes ‘bad’, flowing into your body-mind all the time. These feelings and impulses show you, or invite you, or urge you to do something.  It is that ‘something’ that is the right action, and it can only be experienced when you are in the now. 
Your perfect life, the perfect decisions, the perfect experience is emerging moment by moment. 
All you need to know is contained in this moment. To deal with ANYTHING, become fully present, and then choose.

What a naked lady at the gym taught me!

Yesterday I went to the gym planning to have a long steam bath after my workout. So after my yoga session I trotted along to the cloakrooms only to see, standing right in the middle of the entrance, a big sign ‘MEN AT WORK’! what I thought?! No way! How does this work in a ladies cloakroom?  I wasn’t the only one protesting inwardly, in fact a whole bunch of buck naked women were complaining their teeth off, talking to each other about how its ridiculous that they can’t have a shower after a workout, and how dare management do something like this without warning.
As I sat on the bench the picture of bliss and relaxation in that steam room dissolved in my mind, leaving me wet with sweat and limp with disappointment. (yes, it is only a steam bath, but still, it was a treat to myself after slogging for days…). However, since I fully believe that all things come together for my good (a biblical concept), my disappointment merged into acceptance, acceptance into action, and I happily decided to have a swim at home instead. However not so happy were the gaggle of naked women whose protestations, loud ones, slid through the passages of the ladies change rooms as I left. How silly, they were arguing with the attendant there, the attendant who was only implementing management’s decision??? I ask you? Likely that these very same wingeing ladies would be the first to complain if the showers stopped working!!!

Having been a similar moaner groaner in my life (my past life that is, er mostly) I’m not blaming them, but I notice how easy it is for human beings to resist, resist and resist – anything that goes contrary to plan is resisted!  But what if the maintenance crew working that day was THE plan:  the plan to make sure you weren’t driving home an hour later; or stepping off a side walk in front of an out of control taxi? To live in tune with yourself, your Soul and life, best not to resist what’s trying to happen. Consider the lady whose dawdling child made her a few minutes late for work – at the twin towers – on 9/11!
So maintenance men in your cloakroom, being stuck in traffic or not getting that job you so want. Relax. It’s time to live life in tune with Life! It holds a much broader plan for you life than taking a shower on time.


It’s easy to get over serious about spiritual matters but nothing could be farther from the truth. Having fun replenishes your energies and keeps them moving. And what are those energies but very Soul itself. If you want to keep aligned to your Soul, it’s absolutely essential to have fun.

I recently worked on a challenging project and towards the end, the delivery date, I noticed how locked on to the task I was, and how little enjoyment I was getting from doing it. Right then and there I decided ‘if I’m going to do this (which I definitely was) I going to enjoy it!’. That choice didn’t change what I was doing. It changed something a lot more important – my approach and my energies. And although I was still concerned about how it was going to pull together, I was more resolute I would enjoy it. What a difference that made!
So this week I urge you whether you are reconciling your bank statements from way back when, studying for an exam, doing cold calls or washing the dishes, decide, really really decide that if you’re doing it, you’re going to have fun while you are. Fun is a simple choice away! One that your Soul is longing you to take.


I wrote an magical little book in 2001. Ride the River. How I got to do that was out of the ordinary to say the least. Most authors gather information and then sit to write their words. My first books were much like that, but this one was different. All I did was connect to a concept. The rest came through me. This is how it happened.
On the 1st of January 2001 I wrote a note to God.  ‘Dear God, I am ready to unravel the mysteries of life. Teach me and I will teach others.’ This note wasn’t planned or even thought out. I was busying myself around the house when it simply arrived in my consciousness. I just said yes to the impulse, grabbed pen and paper and wrote it down. I still have that scribbled note in my papers, and looking back I see that this was a holy moment. We all have them. They take place when we align ourselves to our Soul. Sometimes that alignment happens by grace and other times by personal choice, however if we say a full yes to a holy moment it takes our lives to a new level in remarkable way, and that’s exactly what happened to me.
At the time I was living in Cape Town running a business in motivational training. By April of that year, the note long forgotten, I was getting ready to attend a friend’s wedding up country. Just before I left I ran a disciplinary process at the office. I found this extremely difficult and the incident left me upset, confused and drained. I left town with a clear awareness that some things needed to change and now was the time.
Fortuitously my short vacation gave me space to take stock of my life, in particular the amount of mental, emotional and physical energy I was putting in to keep my business going. I started asking myself, and God, why it was that I was always pushing myself way beyond what was healthy – working too hard, too long with not nearly enough rewards. I remember a moment of absolute clarity in my hotel room when I wrote on a piece of yellow post-it note  “no more push-push, I want to be in the flow.”  
No more push push! Gosh, how those words changed things. They became my mantra and without realising it they were God’s first answer to my New Year note. I had started to ‘unravel the mysteries of life’. I stopped pushing and started riding. What happened then was short of miraculous. All sorts of unexpected events started to occur and soon my entire life, my view of it was changed forever. The exact details are fascinating, and when I think back I always feel inspired. I want to share that true story, the hope and inspiration with you, so I continue the story in my next blog. In the meantime, please visit my facebook page and support me as I set out to create a new exciting energy around the book that unravelled those mysteries I spoke to God of.  RIDE THE RIVER – The definitive guide to aligning to your Soul, a river of Divine Energy, to achieve success.

The Spiritual Benefits of Living in Community

Western living is increasingly isolated. Economic empowerment creates self sufficiency which is wonderful, but it also enables the family unit to operate independent of the extended family and deep social contact. Many people are so self contained and busy they don’t even say hello to their neighbours let alone know their names or what goes on behind their doors.

When I lived in Findhorn, a spiritual community and education centre in Scotland, http://www.findhorn.org I discovered the true power and benefits of community – it feeds the Soul! Engaging each person in a journey of personal growth, it asks you to go to new places in yourself in order to get on with everyone (challenging), discover how to be authentic when you don’t like certain people (eeek), decide whether to talk through conflicts (which are many, spiritual community or not) or ignore them – and more!

Before I lived in community (and yes for a good while during my stay) I avoided conflict and tricky encounters with all my being. If I couldn’t contain myself and had a tiff or run in I would shrink into my inner shell and hide emotionally. But by the end of my 3 years at Findhorn I had learned to manage myself into doing the opposite, and boy was it healing! Learning to talk through conflict and unhappiness with community members invited me to meet more parts of myself. But I was only able to do this because of the love and support of the community who offered me tools and encourage me as I took each tentative step. That’s the beauty of having deep community relationships.
If you wish to create a robust aligned connection with your Soul it’s essential that you engage meaningfully in community ie. get involved! The rich landscape of feelings that other people bring up are wonderful mirrors that when looked into offer you much more than company.  Deep dialogues and sharing create a sense of togetherness that speaks of the true oneness of all life.  Conflicts and troubles are in essence a call to greater intimacy -when embraced they bring intimacy with yourself. So look at your life today and make the steps to strip away isolating barriers. Step forward to meet more of yourself, stand in your centre and live aligned to Soul – in community!

God Speak To Me

I’ve had several significant moments in my life where I’ve felt that I’ve reached the end of my tether. That means hopeless. Today I was reminded how, by turning to God at those times, I never fail to get a response.
Years ago, I was six months into my motivational training business in Cape Town, and my income stream suddenly dried up, and so did I! Can’t explain why, but my va va voom went walkies, and there was simply no fire in me. I feel into a state of apathy. You know the space where you chew up time doing things, but never get to the heart of the matter.
One day I felt so bad about myself, and I mean, bad, like I was no good, useless and pathetic. I needed the motivational speaker, a private one! One day I stared at the wall for a time, then decided to lie in the garden and stare at the sky instead. As I did this I started to say ‘God speak to me, God speak to me’. I said it over and over, like a person in a fever.
After a little doze I went back to my desk (productive hey). An hour later the phone rang. I was surprised to hear the voice of a lady from Johannesburg whom I had met just once. She was in the same industry and we had a networking drink, but no further business had transpired. She said ‘I had such a strong intuition to phone you to tell you that if your business is not doing as well as it could, it’s because there is something deep inside you that is stopping it.’
It was only a little while after this call that I suddenly realised that her phoning me was the answer to my prayer – It was God speaking to me, directly! And that’s how it works. When we ask with energy, God, the life force, always responds. People are God’s messengers when we are so blocked we can’t hear our Soul.

So if you like me, have moments of hopelessness, give the ‘God help me’ routine a burst – and then let me know the outcome!


Last night I fell down a double flight of stairs. I wasn’t hurt, just stunned – and yes, bruised. But the moment got my attention and reminded me of something I am totally and utterly convinced about : discomfort is a message from the Soul. Discomfort is a sign post, a way of your soul getting your attention.

Speeding down 50 steps, slip sliding in the wet of a recent rain storm, and musically accompanied by the sound of my umbrella clanging on each step, certainly got my attention. Believe you me!I sat, skirt askew, in semi darkness. The passage light had thankfully switched itself off during my descent, bringing the dignity to my thighs. Surrounded by concerned family and agog neighbours I was struck dumb but incredibly aware at the same time.

It’s true I could only just give ‘yes’ ‘no’ answers to concerned questions like ‘did you bump your head’ :  ‘no’, do you want to go the hospital?’ : ‘no’.  But it’s equally true that I knew Spirit had just dealt with me. Actually I feel like I’ve just had a big hiding, right on my backside. 50 sharp slaps to get me to stop doing what I have been doing.And so today, I’m sobered. I’m connected to a sense that something in my life is totally out of alignment. And I’m making mental and emotional space to listen so I know exactly what adjustments are calling to be made.

PS: interested in finding out more about how your Soul speaks to you using the process of discomfort? My  book Ride the River explains it all, easily!.  To order email CatGlennie@gmail.com