A compelling yes! The va va voom of decision making

The yeses and the no’s. We all have a sense of them in our system. Too few cultivate these sensations to a point of fine-tuned decision making. But that is their role and potential. In this way our Soul, a stream of overlighting energy talks to us.

Here are the categories I use to frame and work with the information flowing into me:

  • a niggle – a tiny feeling, but nonetheless incredibly accurate, that something ain’t right!
  • a full yes – a big feeling that what is happening is wonderfully amazingly right
  • a compelling YES – there is no getting away from it
  • a compelling NO – the other book end of the compelling YES making sure you don’t try escape the thing you have to do

Advice: live through your body – exercise, physical activity, body-based meditation and spiritual practice. It builds a good clear communication link to all this juicy, helpful information.


How I get help from Spirit

When I do coaching, when I work with groups, I get these ‘downloads’ or intuitive flashes about the person or situation. Sometimes it’s an image, sometimes it’s a sentence and sometimes it’s a knowing. I was recently working with a client, coaching her on her goals to get her business revenues up. She was the ideal client – dedicated to growth, applying everything I offered her, and still her business wasn’t performing. As we considered this, I had a knowing moment – suddenly I knew that her staff were stealing.

The information came out of the blue, and of course there was no guarantee that it was true. As a coach all I could do was suggest that she look into it. Yesterday I met with her again and she told me that she had discovered her staff were stealing, she had dealt with the problem and the store revenue had shot up!
How wonderful for her, and amazing for me to get such clear confirmation! I always feel a little shy, not wishing to boast, but nonetheless simply being thankful that I can bring that extra spiritual aspect to my work. I feel blessed, excited and abundant. It’s not me. It’s Spirit working through me. And I give thanks that it is so. (and wow, look at this picture taken of me with my grandson…… looks a little mystical too)

Personal Power- Sacred Power- What is it?

Its incredibly difficult, if not painful, to try to move your life forward – and up –  without being supported by your personal power. We all have personal power. But many and most have disconnected from it because they are afraid of it in various forms.

As children we learn powerlessness, but as adults we need to reclaim it.  How we do this, and whether we are aligned to our Soul & Spirit at the time, will determine whether our power will be ‘corrupt’, expressing itself as power over people and game playing, or whether it will lead to raising your consciousness,  benefiting not only yourself, but everyone.  It is vital to know this. It’s even more important to know how to bring yourself into this alignment. It doesn’t take 10 hours of meditation or continual acts of kindness. All it takes it 3 minutes of conscious breathing a day. Conscious breathing is the first connection to the Divine, and by deliberating including this practise in your life, your vibrational reality will change amazingly, connecting you to more of your Soul self,  more often.

Conscious breathing is something I keep referring to and writing about and if you do nothing but this as your spiritual practise, you will be doing a brilliant practice!  Here’s how:

 1. find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed

2. set an alarm for three minutes so that you can completely let go and not worry about the time

3. close your eyes and bring your attention on your breathing

4. breathe in for the count of 4, pulling air to  your tummy so that it expands, hold it for 2 seconds, and then softly exhale for the count of 6, hold it out for 2  seconds.

5. Repeat this breathing until your alarm clock goes.

Your focus is simply on breathing and counting. At first you might find your mind chips in, chattering away about what you need to do or other such stuff. When that happens, gently bring your attention back to the process of counting your breaths in and out. Just become breathing and counting, counting and breathing. The beauty of this is that not only do you align yourself to your Soul and Spirit Self, but starting off each day with this exercise gives you a sense of control of your life – and this type of breathing releases feel- good chemicals in the brain. This simple practise centres you in yourself, your power and life!


‘Imagine that the universe is a great spinning engine. You want to stay near the core of it – right in the hub of the wheel – not out at the edges where all the wild whirling takes place, where you can get frayed and crazy. The hug of calmness, that your heart, that where God lives within you, where you will always find peace. ‘  Anon


Are You one of the Walking Dead?

me all rained out – but happy!

Want to find the walking dead? Look in large organisations. So many there have lost their connection to their Soul, and a sense of excitement and love for their work. 

Working to pay the bills is the quickest way to start dying inside. Too many rational decisions, taking life – and yourself too seriously coupled with boring conformity, are a sure guarantee you’ll loose your zest for life. And loosing your zest is a clear indication that you’ve dropped your Soul connection. Ping! Line Dropped! Out in the cold!

Best thing you can do is take on life with a childlike mindset. Today I did just that! I’ve just started a recycling project in my complex. It’s a large place that spews out garbage by the buckets, most dumped indiscriminately by disinterested residents. So each day I take my bright spark self to the new recycling area where I rummage in other people’s rubbish. Yes, it’s not a pretty picture, but someone has to direct wet garbage away from dry clean recycling stuff. That someone is me. It’s about the principle ‘If it’s to be, it’s up to me’ or leading from the front!

Today however it was raining cats and dogs. As I contemplated the weather I decided not to be put off. Hey! Why not do my recycling stint in the rain and enjoy it like a child would! So I changed into suitable clothes and set off. On the way I got to laugh and chat with one of the gardeners, and we agreed a walk in the rain was good for the Soul. I trundled bins around with rain running down my shoulders, opened black bags with water dripping down my back, and packed cardboard in neat stacks to the applause of thunder and lightening. What fun! How liberating, and then I walked back to my apartment sloshing through the rivulets and puddles.
So dear Soul seeker, I invite you ditch, just every now and then, boring adult sensible stuff. Enliven your Soul. Keep that connection. Say yes to enjoying every task. Now is the only time there is. Make it work for you – and your Soul Self.

2 Essential Keys to Successful Living

I cannot emphasize enough the absolute importance of being in right standing with yourself. When you are not  your system shuts down parts of yourself. And this shuts off the flow of the Universal manifesting power through you. That’s exactly the opposite of what you want, the opposite of what you need.
It’s easy to fall out of right standing with yourself, and even easier to ignore that it has happened. It about not saying sorry when you know you should. Not being honest when asked a leading question from someone you love. Not keeping promises to yourself like going to gym when you had promised yourself you would, keeping to your eating plan or spending over your budget. These are all tiny things everyone does everyday, over and over.
Stop it if you wish to succeed.
Living with authenticity and upholding your own values is not just about integrity, it’s about the vibrational quality of you, YOU as in the point of vibrational attraction, YOU the mould for your life.


As I develop a better and more loving relationship with my body (about time…) my relationship with my Soul has changed too! That’s unexpected. Who would think that focussing on my flesh and bones in an appreciative way, would heighten my connection with my Soul? But that’s exactly what’s happening.
Each day I get to appreciate how this 59 kg of bone, blood, skin and organs is my helper and my friend. It might not look like Heidi Klum or Charlize Theron’s body, but by golly, it’s my ticket to this experience. For that, I love it. And how brilliantly it has survived my negativity over the years. Pummelling, starving, bingeing, junk food, and over exercising are only some of the things it has dealt with – in style!
Ironically appreciating that my body is the ticket in to this human experience, has heighted the sense of my bigger Soul self. It has brought into focus my Soul’s continual presence in my life. And that awareness makes me feel held and guided. I feel more of myself. That’s nice! 
If you’re keen to try connect more positively with your body read my blog entitled ‘knowing the voice of the Soul’. It has some great tips!


To be in full alignment with our Soul, our human self needs boundaries. We need to know who we are and then stand in that true centre. That act lines us up to receive the Divine Life Force via our Soul connection.

When we are living in the stream of this Divine Life Force it’s like riding a river. Things flow with less effort. Success easily comes your way. It’s like you’re a magnet for all the right things. Ironically it’s healthy boundaries that achieve that wonderful flow.

Many and most people stepped out of their centre when they were little and have never come fully back, so much so that they don’t even know that they’re out of place. Being off centre is characterised by guilt, sacrifice and fear. So if you have any of those  (or derivatives thereof) you’ve stepped away from yourself. Things will get difficult,  if they’re not already! So time to step back!
A great example of this boundary thing happened to me recently. I started doing business with a really nice man. He bent over backwards to help me and even changed some of his policies to do so. It was a happy situation. Then out of the blue one of the transactions double backed into a bizarre opposite. He delivered unbelievably bad product and levied charges that were not only disproportionate to the service, but completely out of line with the market.
As I sought to find my own boundaries and communicate them in a healthy way, I realised that we were having the problem simply because he’d been unable to put down his boundaries in the first place. By trying to be nice and help me, he’d violated what worked for him in his business. The bizarre and out of context transaction was an unconscious attempt to recover. I never doubted his good intention, but his action told me the truth. At the end of the day this backfired for both of us and once we settled the problem, I choose not to business with him again. He was probably glad. And that’s what happens when boundaries are not honoured!
Putting down boundaries is not a nice to have. It’s essential. Boundaries make sure the energies sunderlying all affairs serve you. They keep your life simple and clean and ensure that you are relying on your own source of life energy, your Soul. And that mode operating in you invites others to do likewise, bringing about more rewarding relationships and situations in your life.

3 Steps to Connect with your Soul

And this morning, before my eyes managed to focus, this information zoomed into 100% focus in my consciousness…
3 steps to connect with our Soul :
1.        Make a choice to do so.
2.       Work WITH your circumstances. Stop resisting. (Easier said than done, especially on emotional stuff).
3.       Deliberately bring more of your non-physical presence into your human self.
When you were born part of you became flesh and bone, and part remains in the non-physical domain. You are simply too big to be squashed into a limited human experience. Those who do not pay attention to the non- physical part of themselves, loose more and more contact with it and become lost to themselves. Dark night of the Soul and all that… All that’s needed to return to yourself are these three steps, contemplated, integrated and actioned.
Perfect actions are:
  • remind yourself everyday of this choice
  • go to a practise like QiGong which teaches your body to stop resisting
  • and the simple meditation of conscious breathing


Feelings are the language of the Soul. This makes them incredibly, utterly and vitally important to the human experience.
Your feelings tell you what’s wrong (or right) with your thinking.
Feelings are not emotions. Rather they are a synthesis of thought and emotion – their meeting ground is the heart.
The body is the print out of feelings.
Feelings are the manufacturing plant in the process of manifestation.