Wouldn’t it have been great to be advised properly so that you hadn’t made wrong decisions?

Well you were advised!  And forewarned!  Your Soul knew exactly what was happening – and was sending you messages even though you might not have realised it.

AVOID MISTAKES save yourself from future hassles by knowing how to hear your Soul. AND it’s less abstract than you might think:


  • Instead of listening to the voice in your head (I call it the mind-mind) which, let’s be honest, is often a castigating stream of should’s and shouldn’ts,  listen to your body-mind.


  • The Soul communicates via the body-mind.  The body-mind   knows the truth and expresses it clearly and fully – hence the power of the polygraph.
  • The feelings and sensations which course through the cells of your body 24/7 are the voice of the Soul that can help and guide you to the right choice in the right way. But they are often so subtle, like a little niggle, that they can go unnoticed.  Illness is the final result of a gazillion ignored such messages.  Death even more so.  As such  body awareness is key, not only for good health but a good life well achieved.


The body and Soul are part of the same system in which body sensations are an expression of the flow of Life Force through your system.  When you shut down an energy flow, which happens unconsciously when stressed, it does and will affect the way your body feels,  and it is this that you need to pay attention to if you wish to hear the voice of your Soul, stress obviously arising when you make choices that are not aligned to your correct life path. The starting point to being tuned into the flow of the Divine Life Force  therefore is noticing the body sensations.  Struggle begins when the Divine Life Force which is the creative manifesting energy is shut down due to the stress process I mentioned.


 Whilst I was on FaceBook I thought I would add a comment on the page of a guest house I had stayed in on Friday.  There was no hot water when it came time for my evening shower.  Not ok!  And, to make matters worse  the owner’s response when told about it the next morning was, shall I be polite and say, ’less than acceptable’.

As I prepared my FB post telling the world about this I noticed that my stomach had gone into spasm.  Strange, after all everything in my world at that moment should’ve created the opposite.  I was sitting overlooking a beautiful beach, in a beautiful hotel, faced with a to-do list that comprised of swimming, reading, eating delicious food, (poor me….). and sleeping.  Hardly conditions that lead to spastic colon!

As I carried on with the post it persisted.  Tight and uncomfortable. Squeezing my diaphragm. Ah! I realized what I was doing was having a negative effect on my body. I tested to see how my body felt if I approached the wording on the post differently.  Still the spasm continued.  It was clear.

For my Soul it was simply not in my highest and best to write the details of the no-hot water incident.   If I pressed on, however true and valid it would violate something within me. And this is the most important aspect to ignoring the voice of your Soul.  It violates you. And that dynamic quickly turns being magnetic and attractive to your goals and dreams into the opposite – pushing them away as if repulsed.   I pressed cancel and left the no hot water post in the past.



  • Body awareness is the starting point
  • Any contraction of the body in any form is a NO from the Soul
  • Any expansion is a YES
  • Aligning your actions to this simple feedback mechanism, even if it doesn’t seem logical will lead to a Soul guided life.  Using this technique I have achieved many material goals.  And you can too.

Your Soul knows everything about your life.  It is an overlighting stream of intelligence that  is in contact with all dimensions – the Divine, the human, the past and the future. Trusting the guidance of the Soul will lead to achieving your best life in the easiest and most elegant way possible.



Can a surfer create the wave he needs to ride? Expecting him to do that is simply ridiculous! So why is it that most people expect the same of themselves when it comes to personal success? You are meant to ride, not push.

The perfect events, circumstances and lifestyle are not for you to create using your personal power. Rather its for you to co-create with your Soul. Your Soul Stream is like the wave the surfer rides to the shore. Your efforts are meant to be the same as the dude on the board. In those proportions.

It simply does not make sense to push, struggle and strive when all that is needed is to work with the gigantic flow of your Soul. It’s not about NO work. It’s about RIGHT work.

We know its ‘right work’ when it is a spontaneous urge, not contrived pushing. At its base it feels good and easy and desirable. When we have these good feelings about our tasks, actions and activities it is a clear sign that our Soul is behind them – and the exciting bit is that so it the wave!

But since pushing, stressing and trying are the default, the task of a brilliant deliberate manifester is to re-train themselves to be highly sensitive to intuition and the sensations of the body-mind. That’s where the right action flows from. The push-push of todays living comes from being controlled by the thoughts, ideas and churn of the mind.

So today make the choice. Stop Pushing. Start Riding

Image Oliver Sjöström


Most people are out there every day chasing goals. But I have discovered that using mind power just isn’t enough to achieve goals.


Your heart is your manifesting organ and managing the energies there is as important as your life plan and to do list. Actually more important. When your heart is open and loving your goals, music is playing in the spheres – and the law of attraction is alive and well in your life.

Your heart is like one of those daisies which opens when the sun is out and closes when it is not. The sun that opens your heart is safety, gratitude and love.


Once I decided to track the opening and closing of my heart around money. It was astounding. When I stuck to my budget it was open as I paid at the checkout. That was good. (Dealing with money in a heart-open-space attracts more.) When I overspent it snapped shut. Oops. That made me think! When I worried about money. Guess what? Shut! When I was paid a fair exchange for my coaching it was open. When I was not it snapped shut. Open-Close-Open-Close.

My heart , I discovered, was like a sun-sensitive flower on steroids – and that was only around money! What about all the other daily moments? Like when I thought of the goals that I had not achieved for years ? Or someone upset me? Wow! The energies of my heart were far from streaming continuous messages of gratitude and love into the universe!

So what do I advise?

ADD A HEART GOAL TO YOUR LIST. State it like this:
‘To be aware of the opening & closing of my heart energies’

MEMORISE THIS LAW OF THE UNIVERSE. The great beats that drive blood through your veins are also the great pulses of radiant energy that spiral out into the creative sea of life, calling forth that which is in your highest and best. This creative dynamic sea, which scientists now know is a real pulsating field of alive and intelligent energy, is infinitely responsive to your heart-based pulses.

So do yourself a favour, on the hour every hour stop to notice just how open (or closed) your heart is. And if it is closed, find a safe space, identify some things for which you are immensely grateful, close your eyes and let the love flow. If your heart was open, acknowledge that right there and then you are being a brilliant deliberate manifester! Roll on success!



Our natural response to problems is to resist them. Then we start trying to fix them. This, dear friends, only serves to reinforce them, grow them and direct your energy into negatives instead of your high dream.

The best way to approach problems is to work WITH them, as if they are beacons along the path to your best life. To help you take this seemingly counter intuitive approach, give your problem a name. Here’s how this works.

I recently had a client who felt her job was holding her back from her real life passion. She resented going to work, but felt stuck and pressurised about alternatives. She gave her job the male name, Luigi. Then I asked her to set about making friends with Luigi. We began this process by identifying the characteristics of Luigi and what Luigi was all about in her life.

This created a completely different relationship with her job and within a week she had discovered many aspects to it that really served her. Her ideas and feelings changed so much that she decided to stay there. Needless to say much success AND happiness followed and although she knows her life path is ultimately to follow her passion, she totally loves doing her job – just for now.

So try it. Give your problem a name, become friends with it and watch it transform for the better!give-it-a-name

Advice from a 6 year old

If you’re feeling a bit jaded about your life, the advice of a six-year-old could change all that quickly. I listened to her and immediately got a motivational buzz. It happened when I had the good fortune to fall in behind her, her mother and younger sister on their way to junior school.

As they walked she asked how old her Mom’s friend was. Her mother replied, “Very old … 81.” The little girl continued, “That’s not old. I’m going to be 900.” To which her mother explained that it was not physically possible to live to 900. “Well,” said the little girl, “I’ll die, ask God to make me alive again, and then I’ll come back.” “Then you’ll be like an angel,” added her little sister. “Yes!”’ she said, “I’ll fly everywhere.” They both laughed and opened their arms in imaginary angel flight and ran down the pavement.

They weren’t the only ones doing some enchanted flying. The conversation got me soaring too. It brought a deep smile to my being but also reminded me of a fundamental principle of success and motivation – we need to dream, actively. Whether we are six or 96 we need to dream beyond the constraints of what we secretly believe is possible.

George Bernard Shaw said, “The reasonable man adjusts himself to the world. The unreasonable man adjusts the world to himself, therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” Dreaming big dreams is the state of mind that nature intended for us. Being jaded is not.

Letting your imagination soar in a positive way is the doorway to doing something worthwhile. It also has an instant physical benefit. The brain releases chemicals that induce states of well-being. It’s like giving your nervous system a bath in happiness. Whether you get to turn your dreams into reality or not, simply entertaining them in your mind gives your body a shot of power – and that’s what you want!

So do your life a favour, invite your inner six year old to tea and ask him, or her, what great things he/she had in mind for you. You could just find yourself spreading your wings and starting that project you always put off, resigning your job to go live in an ecovillage – or even having a romantic dinner with someone you were too scared to approach before. Go for it!


Tonight, as I left the local deli with our dinner tucked under my arm, I came upon a homeless man lying slumped against the wall.  I froze on the spot and could walk no further. Something held me there and as I looked at him lying eyes closed in the freezing cold, I said to Brian ‘there is no way on God’s earth that I can walk past this person without getting him something to eat. It is not ok that we have money to help and we don’t. We must help!’  It was crystal clear. There was no option. Only conviction. So I went back into the deli, Brian’s credit card in hand (thanks my darling) and ordered some warm soup and a fresh bread roll.

He was still slumped when I came out so I called out to him ‘I have some food for you, warm soup and bread.’ With tears in his eyes he slowly sat up and said  ‘I came here tonight to this deli and I started to pray. I am so hungry but nothing happened.’  (Something HAD happened, we had seen how the security guard (only doing his job in this crazy country) had dragged him, crutches scraping along behind, away from the deli entrance.)

‘Please’’ he said ‘give me bread. First, bread’.  We quickly put the soup down and got out the bread roll.  Then he continued ‘I prayed to God to help me, but nothing happened. I am so hungry. I prayed to God.”  Then he begged  ‘Please get me bread, more bread. Ask your husband for more bread.’’ So I took the credit card and went back inside the deli and got him more bread (and milk, and fruit and chocolate).

His name was Johnny one eye. He wanted to hug me. As I walked away I was sobbing. Johnny one-eye had his prayers answered, and I got a heart-opening reminder of the power of prayer.  Johnny one-eye had not spoken to me to ask for food . His prayer went from his lips to God’s ears, and from God’s lips into my heart – so loud and clear that my legs refused to walk past.

Prayer works. Let’s all keep praying. Let’s all keep listening.  God answers prayers by moving the hearts of people.  And there is nothing more beautiful than being used to answer a prayer.

prayer works


Having trouble deciding what to do?  Even simple decisions can create a lot of emotional churn [bad for manifestation].  The more complex your personality the more likely there will be churn as you consider your situation. The more you want to a  perfect decision, the harder it is to get there!


But the process of making the right decision can, if done in a certain way, be an incredibly cleansing and connecting process that leaves you feeling light and closer to yoursel. This is how I go about it:


  1. Do EFT (emotional freedom technique) to clearly identify just exactly what feelings are swimming though you.  It is these complex and often conflicting feelings that create the inner challenge, but they are an important source of information and need to honoured and processed so that you can realise their gift.
  2. Write a letter to the person or situation with the  decision you think  best, but don’t send it. Just the process of writing  helps bring you closer to the right solution.
  3. Take time out – a shower, a walk, a yoga class – even a day. This creates space for new ideas on the matter [now firmly active in your subconscious] to pop into your consciousness.  Invariably the right solution pops up after this.  If not, keep repeating these steps.
  4. Move forward only when you have a full YES – a light and happy feeling, both mentally and emotionally.  If you feel under pressure to decide, the decision is still being baked, so allow yourself to take the time you need.


Remember that if you are in sacrifice (being forced to do something that in truth you really don’t want to do) everyone will suffer, yes everyone, even if you can’t imagine this to be true!  Rather focus on the idea that if it works for you, it will work for others.  We are socially conditioned to the opposite, but if you are doing things that violate yourself, and that corrupt energy infects all involved.  You are not on the planet to fix everyone else’s lives.  You are here to be who you are at the highest level of possibility.  Full stop.  As you do that, you give everyone else permission to do the same!  And that’s when the magic begins.



Without conscious awareness, pushing the river is the default model in today’s world. Everyone is employing the model simply because society has conditioned us this way. From the time we were young we were told ‘work hard, play hard’ – the harder you work, the better the results – and you MUST get results! We are commanded to get results at school, in sport, even our spiritual lives are results driven. In our current model results define you, they make a statement of who you are. Without good results is your life worthwhile?

There’s a very subtle yet powerful difference between pushing the river and riding it, so subtle that perhaps a real life example of the two would best explain the difference. A friend of mine is dating a lady who is an interior decorator. One day she overheard her boss stressing about a particularly big deal which he had won to redecorate a chain of guest houses. Having struck the deal he found that the fabric selected for the furniture was out of stock and completely unavailable anywhere. This obviously delayed promised delivery times, putting the order in jeopardy. The last thing the boss wanted was the client to cancel the order.

As a result, and in conformance to the ‘push the river’ model, she heard her boss lying to the customer on the one side whilst abusing the supplier on the other. As is usual in the push the river model, the pusher was pushed to his limit and was having an awful time. All his negative energy was spilling over into the rest of the office.

Whilst other employees shrugged the situation off, the lady in question became interested in what was happening and, using her own time, popped into the client’s guest house to have a look. When she arrived and viewed the current décor it was immediately apparent to her decorating mind that the out of stock fabric was in fact not the best match for the rooms in question.

Upon returning to the office, still without telling her boss what she was doing, she  identified some fabric that she felt would be a much more attractive option.  On enquiry she discovered that there was no problem with availability of her suggested fabric – in fact they even had several bales in their own stock.

She called the client, explaining that she had visited his premises, and that she had identified some really super fabric which she would like to show him. When the client arrived and looked at the fabric sample, he immediately agreed with her assessment and readily signed a re-order for the different fabric.  Problem gone!

This story clearly demonstrates the difference between the push the river and ride the river model. The enraged and stressed boss, was enraged and stressed because he was having to push the deal through. He had a sense that all his efforts in securing the first deal were being undermined. He had a sense that life was stealing away what was rightfully his. He had a sense that life has an irritating way of going wrong. His model of the world made the whole affair angry and unresolved.

The vitally interested and passionately involved decorator was motivated by a love of beautiful houses. She had a sense of the lovely and wished to express it. She followed her heart’s leading at every turn, not for outcomes, but just because it was her make up,  and she was being true to it. Her model of the world swept problems effortlessly away. Ironically all the wasted energy of the boss yielded no results, whereas the sweet and easy energy of the love of décor produced superb results.  Today, instead of feeling driven and stressed, look in your heart for what you love and allow yourself to say YES to it. when you do that, a magical state of flow becomes suddenly possible! (Extract from Cat Glennie’s book RIDE THE RIVER)

The body infuses your goals with energy

Affirmations, visualisations and right behaviour are all good and well but unless you feel the thing you want in your body, it won’t come into your world.  

The body is the mouth piece of the unconscious. Be wise. Listen to it. When the body resonates with your life goals and desires, you are aligned to the creative power of the universe. It becomes easy. When the body resonates with something else, ie what you might NOT want, that will bring confusion, discomfort and what you consider as failure.

‘There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies.’  Fredrich Nietzche

So what do we do if we realise that our outer efforts are in conflict with some inner process, or feeling? The answer is simple.  Use the body to release the conflicting part. Use the body to bring about the healing. Use the body to inform.  Use the body.

 The body has infinite wisdom and power

There are 6 trillion chemical reactions in the human body every second, and each cell has its own intelligence which governs what happens in that cell. But did you know that each cell communicates with other cells? In fact each cell knows what every other cell in the body is doing.  And even more astounding is how each cell tracks everything that is happening to every other cell in the body, including the 6 trillion biochemical processes that are happening to that cell each moment. 

Moreover this overlighting body intelligence monitors what is happening outside itself too.  Your body keep track of the sun, so that it can, for instance, secrete different chemicals in the day and different ones at night. One of those chemical changes is the secretion of melatonin which helps you go to sleep at night.

Imagine if the body didn’t monitor the sun and started pumping out melatonin during the day as you are driving your car! Oops.  Not good.  You rely on this amazing intelligence and ability to keep operating properly.  Real success requires you to consciously work with this intelligence to achieve your life purpose. Dr David Hawkins says in his book Power vs. Force that the mind uses the body to think. Remember this fact. This realisation will empower you.

The body influences the universal energy field

We live in a big ocean of energy, and your energy field, the one held by and generated through your body, is forever interacting with that ocean. You, through you body, have the ability to influence the energy field of all of life, sending and receiving vibrations that affect, no, create, your very circumstances.  What you do with your body, counts big time.  Rumi says it like this: No prayer is complete without presence.

So much to learn about this. I recommend an excellent movie by Gregg Braden on YOU Tube.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MP_JXkh9m-A  

Rescued elephant herds inexplicably gather to mourn South Africa’s “Elephant Whisperer”

A fantastic article replicated here and originally posted by Rob Kerby, Senior Editor on beliefnet

For 12 hours, two herds of wild South African elephants slowly made their way through the Zululand bush until they reached the house of late author Lawrence Anthony, the conservationist who had saved their lives.ellie

The formerly violent, rogue elephants, destined to be shot a few years ago as pests, had been rescued and rehabilitated by Anthony, who had grown up in the bush and was known as the “Elephant Whisperer.” For two days the herds loitered at Anthony’s rural compound on the vast Thula Thula game reserve – to say good-bye to the man they loved. But how did they know he had died March 7?

So, how after Anthony’s death, did the reserve’s elephants — grazing miles away in distant parts of the park — know?

“A good man died suddenly,” says Rabbi Leila Gal Berner, Ph.D., “and from miles and miles away, two herds of elephants, sensing that they had lost a beloved human friend, moved in a solemn, almost ‘funereal’ procession to make a call on the bereaved family at the deceased man’s home.”
“If there ever were a time, when we can truly sense the wondrous ‘interconnectedness of all beings,’ it is when we reflect on the elephants of Thula Thula. A man’s heart’s stops, and hundreds of elephants’ hearts are grieving. This man’s oh-so-abundantly loving heart offered healing to these elephants, and now, they came to pay loving homage to their friend.”