One of the most important personal discoveries I have made, one that has transformed my understanding of how success and happiness come about, is the role of feelings. Life is good when you’re inspired and achieving the things you desire, not so? But what about those moments when sneaky feelings of failure or doubt come in to steal away your can-do attitude? Those unwelcome moods of gloom?

Ignoring them doesn’t make them disappear unfortunately. You can block the messages of the body from your awareness, but you can’t delete their existence.  In fact sneaky feelings of gloom can do more than change your mood. They can sabotage your success. Sometimes they raise their little heads before you’ve even set out in the direction of your goals!

If you, for example, have battled with weight problems your whole life, chances are that somewhere a niggly feeling of doubt will pop up the minute you set a new weight goal. I know for myself I try to ignore these niggles, but niggly feelings have more power than we think. Niggly feelings that countermand our goals, even subtly, change our vibe and our response to life. But most important is that these niggles (and also strong charged feelings)  are messages telling us that a part does not believe that we can achieve what we are setting out to do. In other words something somewhere needs adjustment in order to succeed.

A niggly feeling is the same as the oil light in our car. It’s an important bit of information, one that helps us keep the engine in running order. And when the oil light comes on we immediately stop driving and investigate, don’t we? We’d never go to the garage and instruct the mechanic ‘turn off that pesky oil light. Cut the cable!’ In the same way it’s crazy to ignore an inner niggle about your life.

When we notice and incorporate what we feel into our life plans it really empowers us. But how do we do that? First thing is to entertain the idea that feelings are your friend! All feeling are your friend.  This can be easier said than done.   And though you probably don’t buy into the notion now, stay with it nonetheless. To create your best life requires you to create the best, most fabulous relationship between YOU and your FEELINGS.

A great way to do this is to tap the top of your head with your fingers and say out loud ‘feelings are my friend.’ Before you go to sleep look at yourself in the mirror for one minute, in the eyes, whilst tapping your head as described and say the phrase ‘feelings are my friend’.  Repeat this as often as you can.  Using body based exercises this way activates the overlighting field of intelligence of your body-mind – and starts to create a tipping point for change.

Changing your relationship to your feelings is the start to changing your life for the better. So use the tapping tool!


1. Having goals and plans, but allowing them to unfold in ‘’the way they want it to happen’’ ensures you walk your Soul path in the highest and best way.

2. You are conditioned to make things happen per your plan. Soul doesn’t work that way.

3. Everything, every moment, speaks to you of you. The more charge the moment has, the more information is being offered. To access that information simply ASK: what is being reflected back to me that shows me about me?

4. To the degree you embrace the oneness of all things, is the degree to which you allow the river of Divine Life Force to flow into you, and through you, for you. Your life will have flow. To embrace oneness keep repeating ‘I AM THAT’ to every situation you encounter, every person you meet.

5. Allow things to emerge. This does not mean non-action. It means right action. To the degree that you know how you feel you will know right action.


So many people waste their power and lose life energy in trying to avoid conflict.  In truth most people are deeply extremely afraid of conflict. However conflict, properly understood, is simply a call to greater intimacy (not sexual of course, but a real and sacred connectedness).  Spiritual practise involves meditation and the like, but spiritual practise is also involves holding yourself in an inner space to face conflict in an open-hearted way. Thomas Hubl, spiritual teacher par excellence frames it this way …’If I am in difficult conflict situations ready to let the unpleasant really be uncomfortable, not to displace it, then I can anchor myself so strongly in the unpleasantness that I hold the space open to really get access to the essential core of the conflict. Then the essence of the conflict will speak through me. This is the moment where transformation happens.’

(Thomas Hübl in a talk with Tom Steininger from EnlightenNext Radio about Transparent Communication)


In the quantum world relationship is the key to determine everything.   In quantum physics relationships are not just interesting; to many physicists they are ALL there is to reality.

One physicists, Henry Stapp describes elementary particles as ‘’a set of relationships that reach outward toward other things’’. [a very different picture to that of tiny planets moving around a nucleus that we learned at primary school, not so?) Scientist gave up searching for things because as they experimented to find elemental particles, the found things that changed form and properties as they responded to one another and to the scientist observing them.  In place of tiny billiard balls moved around by contact forces, there are what amounts to so many patterns of active relationship, electrons and photons, mesons and nucleons that tease us with their elusive double lines as they are now position, now momentum, now particles, now waves, now mass, now energy – all that in response to each other and the environment.

In these words (either Margaret Wheatley or Donah Zohar -not sure which wonderful author penned which bits), explain why so many spiritual teachers tell us that we live in a field of unlimited potential – and that we are creating our own reality.  For me I love it when a profound thought is supported by a scientific fact!   AND the fact that relationship is key to determine everything, made me realise one of the key principles of manifestation:  It’s not the thing you want, it’s your relationship to the thing!


The Soul is a field of intelligence and a stream of energy.  It is not a replica of your human form but it knows of YOUR human condition intimately, and holds the memories of all your lives, past and future, however it is not moved by emotions like the human-self.

The Soul knows every decision you have and will ever make – right to the point of the death of your body. It knows your challenges and every single possibility that presents itself in every choice, whether seemingly mundane, like which route to take to work, or seemingly huge, like which person to marry.

Your Soul has lived your life already and knows what life you would have led as you go up the tunnel to Spirit, but at the same time it also mystically remains connected to Spirit (your Spirit and the Universal Life Force – the Great Spirit). Quite something, is it not? It therefore knows your destiny and the life path to which you committed as you took on a human form, and all your human foibles and struggles, and it mediates between the two – all with the aim of getting you to raise your human consciousness.  It is that purpose, raised human consciousness, that is Soul’s total abiding purpose.

In light and gratitude,




“When we live our life contrary to the inner guidance of our Soul, our actions often have a disharmonious effect upon ourselves, others and the Earth. This is why the evolution of individual human consciousness is intimately linked with the future of this planet. In light of this, the crisis of all physical illness, emotional imbalance and planetary upheaval has but one ultimate purpose: to provide an opportunity that will motivate us to realign our body, mind and emotions with the infinite love, wisdom and healing of our Soul. Therefore, whenever we gather the courage to do whatever it takes to end the war within, we contribute directly and immediately to our own healing and transformation as well as to the peace that our world cries out for.” – John-Michael

Blessings on your Day!



We are not simply a body. Nor are we simply a Soul. We are both – and more. What more?  A Spirit-Self, forever connected to the Divine – as impossible as it may sound! When we live that full connection, our life becomes imbued with Life, Spirit, Divinity. What happens then? We can manifest with ease! When we don’t live that connection we become lost to ourselves, we struggle and life is dense and difficult.

Remember always: you have 3 parts – meant to be active and aligned every day.

When you are aligned to your full self you create a vortex down which the Divine Life Force can travel to your human self – and that’s when the magic begins. To allow the Divine Life force to run into your everyday life in this way, is to allow the law of attraction to operate at its highest level. I called such alignment your joined-up-self, and below is an exercise to achieve it.

Great works of art, speeches that mobilize millions and brilliant inventions happen to people operating in that join-up space. They are creating from beyond their human intellect and ability. In their joined up state, they have access to the field of intelligence that governs and directs all Life, all Divine Love, all Power. They have access to the very fabric that gives rise to our world. It goes without saying living in such a joined up space is something we should aim for, but it needs to be said that living in such a joined up space ushers in the manifestation of your wants, needs and desires in the most elegant of fashions. Here is one way to do this.

The process

Focus on your breathing, imagining your body relaxing more deeply with each

breath. Allow a picture to come into your mind of your body whilst imagining your Soul and also Spirit Self above you. (As you get good at the exercise you could even imagine yourself as a Soul and do the exercise from that level, or actually in the Ocean of Spirit, as a molecule in the great energy of Life. Allow yourself to be drawn to any of the three aspects.) 

The spirit circle

To help you, connect with other spiritual beings, who are in fact ever present and already helping you. You will invite these beings to join you and position themselves in the shape of a circle.

The first Spirit being you invite to your spirit circle is your Master. This might be Christ, Buddha, Mohamed and so on. Invite someone who you believe has been able to master their own human experience. If you have no elected master, and do not follow a religion, invite a non-religious master mind. Greet the Master. Together acknowledge the Sea of Divine Life Force in which the two of you live and move and have your being. Get a picture of this great and wonderful Energy which nurtures and cares and loves, and allow the image to settle you in your heart and to bring you to peace.

Now become aware of those Spirit beings who are with you constantly – like your angels and guides. Greet them and welcome them. Now ask who else should be in this circle on this day. Some days will be different from others. Possibilities are your Spirit or Soul group (a group of Souls who have contracted to assist each other in their life tasks), interested family or friends or animals, remembering that since all of us live on all levels all the time, it is possible that you can invite the Spirits of people who are still alive on earth to be part of your alignment process. They join you in Spirit, whilst their bodies are busy living on the planet.

Complete the spirit circle.

As a group you now come together to experience the Divine Life Force, God, within-without. Imagine a great arising of energy whirling in the circle, an energy full of sparkles and light and power, so much so that it bursts through the boundaries of the circle and spirals down through your Soul-Self and into your head, cascading light, love and power into every bit of your being. Sit in silence, absorbing and being absorbed. If you are not used to meditation techniques, you might find that your mind wanders at this time. Try keep in the moment by focussing on your breathing, counting the breath in and out. Most of all focus on becoming a receiver.

Hold it as long as you can without pushing yourself. I usually end the process by saying ‘let today be a day of soul work’. I visualise the energy vortex set up by the circle spiralling down into all the places I will be that day, imbuing the place with uplifted and Divine Energies that not only bring me to my highest possibilities, but those around me too. Then visualise that you will remain joined-up and aligned all day, guided by the impulses that move through your brilliant body-mind, saying YES to your Soul moment in, moment out. (for more of this type of teaching, order the book Ride the River by Cat Glennie)



I have just experienced the most amazing reminder about how answers are given to us. It is not a voice in your head, nor a booming message from the heavens. It is life that speaks to us, talking to us all the time. Here is how it happened.

I was walking a client to his car after a coaching session which he had specifically arranged to help him find direction in his working life.  He felt stuck and totally unclear.  We had a brilliant session, very specific, one in which so much was revealed to him – surprising stuff that he was taken aback to discover. As we stood next to the car saying goodbye, a flock of twenty or more cranes flew directly overhead, so low down we simply couldn’t have not noticed them flying in a perfect arrowhead formation.

Wow! If there was any doubt in his mind that his questions had been answered, the birds were sent to sweep that doubt away. How much more confirmation could one need that he had just found the right direction?

I had had the miracle of such things happening to me so many times, but I was gobsmacked at yet another brilliant example of how life gives answers. If we will only notice, if only we will accept. But we are often so busy. We is so much chatter in our heads that most of us miss most of it.  So, if you want an answer will you stop and look around you from now on?  Stop the endless chatter of your mind, and let nature and circumstances teach you. Will you drop your disbelief? Just accept life is mystical. Revel in it! If you can, what lies ahead is a juicy, rich adventure, specially tailored for your unique needs.