Advice from a 6 year old

If you’re feeling a bit jaded about your life, the advice of a six-year-old could change all that quickly. I listened to her and immediately got a motivational buzz. It happened when I had the good fortune to fall in behind her, her mother and younger sister on their way to junior school.

As they walked she asked how old her Mom’s friend was. Her mother replied, “Very old … 81.” The little girl continued, “That’s not old. I’m going to be 900.” To which her mother explained that it was not physically possible to live to 900. “Well,” said the little girl, “I’ll die, ask God to make me alive again, and then I’ll come back.” “Then you’ll be like an angel,” added her little sister. “Yes!”’ she said, “I’ll fly everywhere.” They both laughed and opened their arms in imaginary angel flight and ran down the pavement.

They weren’t the only ones doing some enchanted flying. The conversation got me soaring too. It brought a deep smile to my being but also reminded me of a fundamental principle of success and motivation – we need to dream, actively. Whether we are six or 96 we need to dream beyond the constraints of what we secretly believe is possible.

George Bernard Shaw said, “The reasonable man adjusts himself to the world. The unreasonable man adjusts the world to himself, therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” Dreaming big dreams is the state of mind that nature intended for us. Being jaded is not.

Letting your imagination soar in a positive way is the doorway to doing something worthwhile. It also has an instant physical benefit. The brain releases chemicals that induce states of well-being. It’s like giving your nervous system a bath in happiness. Whether you get to turn your dreams into reality or not, simply entertaining them in your mind gives your body a shot of power – and that’s what you want!

So do your life a favour, invite your inner six year old to tea and ask him, or her, what great things he/she had in mind for you. You could just find yourself spreading your wings and starting that project you always put off, resigning your job to go live in an ecovillage – or even having a romantic dinner with someone you were too scared to approach before. Go for it!

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