Actually this should say ABOUT ME, not about US!.  After taking a 7 year break I return to the world of teaching about manifestation, on my own.  And I notice that the time off has made me clearer.  That’s great!

Whereas before my business was about sharing what I consider unique and important information regarding the process of manifestation in person, now I am gearing up to share it all digitally.  I do however offer coaching and a few workshops in Cape Town and surrounds.

The mystical process of learning about manifestation. You have probably read a bit of my story on the homepage, but I thought it would be interesting to share a bit about the process of writing Ride the River since it is central to all manifestation teachings of mine.

Picking up on the story of writing a note to God in the January, by the April I was fast becoming disillusioned with my business activities and whilst in Johannesburg to attend a friend’s wedding  I had an AHA moment about the amount of energy I was investing in my business with no enough results – especially financial.  Everyday I pushed myself. I felt like I was pushing myself to oblivion.

I saw all this clearly, so clearly that I grabbed a pen and wrote in bold letters on a yellow post-it note NO MORE PUSH-PUSH.  (I am fond of writing notes, it is apparent…)

There had to be a better way.  I knew it.  I was determined to find it.  So I closed my business. (I am good at taking risks, big ones.)  I took an island holiday (paid for on credit card) and when I got back I sat down in my lounge to write about No More PushPush (even though there was no income). At the time I had forgotten about my note to God asking to be shown the mysteries , but as we can see now,  the AHA of no more push-push was all part of the same mystical process.

It was my third book on motivation and success but I didn’t have anything to say. I just had the title which came to me and wouldn’t leave.  Ride the River.  It was a mode of success that I was determined to adhere to.   I knew my heart wanted it – and  therefore my Soul had a plan.  All I had to do was show up – and it did!

As my fingers reached towards the keyboard it felt like a funnel opened up above my head and words I never knew, concepts I never imagined, simply flowed through my fingers onto the keyboard .  Before I knew it I was writing about achieving success through working with my Soul, and coming up with models of Soul, Spirit, Human that astounded me as I wrote.

That was over 18 years ago.  Since then I have been on a journey of really understanding what the book is all about.  Sound strange?  Yes, but the content was given through guidance, from Source.  When I was interviewed on radio and asked what the book was about, I used to take a deep breath and wonder where I should start.  The book was simple but  so multifaceted at the same time.  I needed time to embody it.

It took many years.  But now I have it !   I have shared both the book and the practises with many many people. The results continue to astound me. My own life is an example.  I am living my ultimate and best life – and loving it. And you can too.  Start by saying out loud  NO MORE PUSH-PUSH.


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