Being Pissed Off Steers me on the Right Course

A friend of mine really got me going. Who she was, how she did things seemed to press my buttons, sometimes so strong I saw red. This got me a little confused, but often I was so entangled in the charge of the moment that I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. Finally the penny dropped. I saw that her natural style of promoting herself, connecting with all and sundry and continually putting herself into the world upset me because that was what I wanted to be doing – but was not.

And so I took it on board, and started doing my own promotion. And I didn’t have to create it. I simply had to say YES to something naturally present in my being. And so I let my natural ability to make connection with people flow! Flow! Flow!

The upset-ness left me instantly. Even better I started to celebrate her successes. Yet another reminder that the more I feel discomfort, the more my Soul needs/wishes to get my attention, showing me the way to live better. A difficult process yet every time I realise this and act on it I align to my Soul. And that’s truly the way to go!!!

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