An Anchor in the midst of Chaos

These are my favourite thoughts this week. I have written them, spoken them and contemplated them. In fact I have tried to draw them into me, deeply, making them part of my very cellular make up. Hope you get as much mileage from them as I do!

‘I follow my feet, and tune into right action’

‘Right action comes from the flow of life’  Thomas Hubel

‘I awaken the God within me – infinite intelligence, power and love.’

‘Life is creative, miraculously helpful’

‘Who I am is enough to create an ideal set of circumstances’

As I grapple with life, sometimes up, sometimes down, I hold fast to these core thoughts. And they help me. Like a little anchor in the seas of growth, change and craziness, sometimes they keep my head above water, other times they make me fly!


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